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Academic Integrity

Individuals who uphold academic integrity are honest and responsible when engaged in academic activities.  This results in the creation of academic products that extend beyond prior contributions while giving proper credit to others whose ideas shaped or influenced the current work.

Faculty Role in Promoting Academic Integrity

Upholding the academic integrity is important to all of us as members of the college community.  The following presentation focuses on how we as faculty can promote academic integrity on our campuses. I'd like to thank Chuck Dolan and Lis Oliu, two of our librarians, for their assistance in gathering information for this project.

Narrated Presentation:  Promoting Academic Integrity: The Faculty Role

 If you'd like to view the slides without the narration, click here.


Here are some additional websites that may prove helpful as you create learning tasks that may reduce the likelihood of academic dishonesty:

Dan Zimmerman's E-Prime Approach

Truman State University Assignment Ideas

Comprehensive List of Resources designed to reduce Plagiarism- Noodletools



Teaching Students about Academic Integrity

As discussed in the above Power Point presentation, Belter and du Pre (2009) found that teaching students about academic integrity resulted in lower levels of plariarism.  In their study, Belter and du Pre (2009) required students to view an academic integrity module and take a quiz as many times as needed until receiving a perfect score before being allowed to submit assignments for the course.

Below is a presentation that was developed for students.  Feel free to use it in your classes if you deem appropriate.

If you'd like to use the quiz I adapted (with permission) from the work of du Pre (2009), please e-mail me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Academic Integrity:  What is it and Why it Matters! Narrated Presentation for Students

Slides without narration:  Academic Integrity:  What is it and Why it Matters!


Middlesex County College's Academic Integrity Policy (including definitions of cheating, plagiarism, and consequences for dishonest behaviors) can be found in the college catalog on page 35.

2012-2013 College Catalog Link