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Campus Cruiser Tutorials

As you know, there are lots of tools within Campus Cruiser.  There are many screen videos built into the system.  When you are in Campus Cruiser, look for a Cruiser Assist button in the upper right corner.  We've also created some brief tutorials for you.  If you would like individualized assistance, contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .



As you know, e-mailing students is a great way to communicate with students.  Note-you can send e-mails to more than one class at a time in the Faculty Workstation tab.  Sometimes a student e-mail account is full and the e-mail may not get to this student.  There are 2 other great options.  One, which offers you a tool for private communication with an individual student within the course is My Journal. Another public option is Announcements.  When you create an announcement, the message will appear on the main dashboard page right under your class code.  All students will then have access to the message.

How to E-mail All Class Members

How to E-Mail Individual Class Members

Using Campus Cruiser E-Mail Tools

Instructions for Announcements, E-mails, and My Journal

Adding Your Photo

You can add your photo and encourage your students to also add their photo.  If students are not comfortable using their photo, they can use a picture of something they like.  This can be particularly helpful in on-line courses.  A tip- crop your photo so it is square shaped.  This will prevent it from getting distorted.

How to Upload Your Photo

Welcome Page

You can personalize your course home page whether you are teaching in person or on-line.

Customizing the Class Welcome Page

Using Message Board for On-Line Conversations

The message board is one of the most widely used tools in an on-line class, but it can also be a fabulous way to extend classroom conversations and foster stronger connections among classmates. If you are grading message board conversations, you may want to change the view at the top from "Forums" to "By Author" on the main message board page.  This will then generate a list of the students and you can view the contributions of each one for the semester.

Instruction Sheet for Creating Message Boards

Sharing Information with Students

Shared Files is a place where you can post Power Point presentations, your syllabus, additional handouts or resources.  Students can then access these materials within Campus Cruiser.

Using Shared Files


Importing Material from a Prior Class

You don't have to start from scratch when a new semester begins.  You can use the Class Import Manager to "bring" materials you've uploaded to Campus Cruiser in a previous semester into your current class.  You can bring announcements, assignments, shared files, assessments, etc.  If you are copying it from one section to another in the same semester, you can even keep the due dates if you'd like.  Some tools such as assessments and My Course Content will be copied but not published until you manually publish it.  Check out this 5 minute tutorial on how to use this feature:

Using Class Import Feature


Assignments, Quizzes, and Gradebook

You can have students submit their work on-line, provide them feedback on-line, complete on-line quizzes or tests, and even have your entire gradebook on-line.  These features are a bit more advanced so feel free to ask for help if you need it!

Instruction Sheet for Creating an Electronic Gradebook

Creating Assignments and Using Gradebook

Improving Student Exam Performance through On-Line Quizzing: