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Motivating Students

As we all know, motivation can play a huge role in whether or not students are successful.  Many students arrive to campus excited and extremely motivated to do well while others may be more hesitant, unsure, or less committed.  Regardless of where students start, it is natural for motivation levels to fluctuate throughout the semester.  As educators, we can positively influence student motivation through our interactions, assignments, learning activities and more.

Check out these instructional strategies designed to increase student motivation.  They are based on the work of Wlodkowski (2008). You can also look at this Power Point presentation that describes research based teaching strategies.  Topics include:  the syllabus, first day of class activities, expectations, goals, power of direct instruction, cooperative learning activities, and more!.


General Teaching Information

Chickering and Gamson (1987) identified 7 principles for good practice in undergraduation education. 

Here's a brief synopsis of the principles.