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Syllabus Checklist

As you know, the syllabus is an extremely important document.  It sets the tone for the course, provides students with clear expectations about the course, grading information and how they can access support.

Have you included the core components?

Course Information

  • Name/Number, Description, Purpose, Learning Outcomes, Content Areas, Location/Times/Days, Textbooks, Supplemental Readings, Calendar, Due Dates

Instructor and Campus Support Information

  • Name, Office Location/Hours, Phone, E-mail Address, Welcome Statement/Teaching Philosophy, Campus Resources Available

Assignments and Grading Information

  • Grading Policy, Scale, Assignment Names/Descriptions, Grading Details/Rubrics, Course Outline with Due Dates and Learning Activities

Policy Information

  • Late/Missed Work Policy, Attendance Policy, Academic Conduct Policy, Disability Policy

Tone, Importance, and Level of Detail

  • Have you drawn attention to important components such as learning outcomes?
  • Have you provided enough details?
  • Have you effectively organized your syllabus?  Did you use visual tools?
  • What is the tone of your syllabus?  Have you made it personal and engaging?
  • Have you encouraged students to use supports available?


Click here for a Power Point presentation on Syllabus Research!


Sample Syllabi


Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice I

Criminal Justice II

Police Operations



Educational Psychology Fall 2013

Introduction to Psychology Fall 2011

Lifespan Development 2012

Lifespan Development Summer 2013

Abnormal Psychology On-Line Class 2012


Student Success

Student Success SSD 101