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March 7, 2015 Adjunct Faculty Development Day Workshops

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 2015 Adjunct Faculty Development Day Workshops VIEW


GOOGLE like You Mean It: Youdelka Jean

Making Up for Lost Time: Patricia Kiernan

Creating an Engaging Classroom Environment (Breaking Down Barriers to
        Facilitate a Joy of Learning
): James McGuire

Panel Forum:Dr. Elliot De Bella, Dr. Jeffrey Herron, Dr. Caroline Marchitto

What Do I do with A Student who has Learning Disabilities: Sheema Majiduddin


Development Day Workshops







Like You Mean It

Youdelka Jean

Youdelka Jean is an Adjunct professor. She is TESOL certified in the State of New York and New Jersey and has worked with generation-y students for several years as an ESL instructor and consultant. In addition to teaching English Language Learners, Ms. Jean also has taught many students how to use technology to enhance their learning experience. She is an advocate for integrating technology in the classroom. Her pedagogical interests include the use of blended technology and second-language acquisition. She also plans on becoming Google certified this year.

Learn how to integrate Google apps in your classroom to teach 21st century skills, facilitate collaborative work, peer reviews, give students instant and meaningful feedback and differentiate instruction.

Google has a myriad of tools to help you enhance your teaching pedagogy, build relationships with students and easily archive students' work.

IRC 111 26 seats

Making Up For Lost Time

Patricia Kiernan

Patty Kiernan has master’s degrees in Curriculum Instruction, Education, and Math Education. Patty has taught a range of courses including Student Success, Education courses, Psychology courses, and Statistics courses. Patty's master’s thesis specialized in distance learning, math anxiety and working with a disadvantaged student population.

This workshop offers internet based tools to make up for lost instruction time due to snow days and holidays or needing to spend more time on review material. We will discuss several methods that have been proven to increase student participation, active learning, & creative thinking through the integration of technology in courses. We will discuss several quick, easy, and affordable methods of integrating internet based teaching tools that will encourage your students to come to class prepared & motivated to discuss course material at a deeper level than the traditional lecture methods offer.

You will leave this work-shop with the knowledge of how to use YouTube lectures, and web quests to encourage independent student learning in a user friendly manner.

IRC 128 33 seats

Creating An Engaging Classroom Environment - Breaking Down the Barriers to Facilitate a Joy of Learning

James Maguire

James Maguire- has been an educator since 1977 and I have enjoyed every aspect of our fine profession. I have instructed fifth grade, alternative high school, high school and college students. I have worked as a guidance counselor at the high school level, in both public and private schools, and at a county correctional facility. My coaching experience includes, public and private high schools and at a community college. I also worked as an Assistant Principal, and then as a Principal in the Toms River Regional School District. I am currently starting my fifth year as a full time administrator at Middlesex County College. I am the GED Program Coordinator at the Perth Amboy Campus. I also work as an adjunct professor at Middlesex County College, teaching Student Success.

Making your classroom atmosphere inviting; the use of positive reinforcement; Perception is a reality; Teaching for mastery; Home work- make it work for you; Be yourself and share your passion for your subject.

Topics will include:

1-Making your classroom atmosphere inviting

2-Be yourself and share your passion for your subject

3-Homework- make it work for you

4-Assessments-How and why

5-Energy-every day is SHOWTIME

6-Professional appearance-are they looking?

7-Variety of lessons

8-The use of positive reinforcement

9-Teaching for mastery

10-Perception is reality

IRC 131 40 seats

Panel Forum Discussion  

Dr. Elliot

De Bella,

Dr. Jeffrey Herron,

Dr. Caroline Marchitto


Several faculty will share their experiences and discuss what teaching practices work best.

IRC 130 33 seats

What Do I do with A Student who has Learning Disabilities  

Sheema Majiduddin

1 out of 10 students in every college classroom across the country is a student with a disability. A 2008 Study of New Jersey Campus Programs for Students with Disabilities (New Jersey Commission of Higher Education, 2009) reported that community college sector serves the largest number of students with disabilities. Come learn about ways you can assist students with disabilities

and what to do when a student hands you an accommodations letter.


IRC 133 36 seats