Home Johnson Commons Learning Center Staff
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  • Aretha Watson, Director, Johnson Commons Learning Center & Acting Dean of Enrollment Management
  • Melissa Platt, Senior Lab Coordinator, Johnson Commons Learning Center
  • Karen Gormish, Administrative Assistant, Division of Enrollment Management
  • Luisa Romano, First-Year Specialist
  • Rameez Rathore, First-Year Assistant
  • Kevin Schlittenhardt, First-Year Assistant
  • John Stefanicha, First-Year Assistant
  • Edwin Gonzalez, work-study
  • Luis Padilla, work-study

English Department:

  • Evelyn Honey, Reading Lab Assistant
  • Kristin Honey, Reading Lab Assistant
  • Melissa Lala, Reading/Writing Center Assistant

Math Department:

  • Ari Blinder, tutor
  • Marta Michel, tutor
  • Patricia Vento, tutor