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July Registration Open for Lead Ready Renovation and Maintenance Seminars

Training Is Still Available for People Who Own, Renovate or Maintain Pre-1978 Housing Stock

New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Commissioner Lori Grifa is continuing to urge people who own, renovate or maintain pre-1978 housing properties to attend Lead Ready Renovation and Maintenance seminars. The training is being offered through the end of 2011 by the DCA and New Jersey Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development. So far, more than 500 people have been trained, and more sessions are approaching this summer.

“It is not too late to register for the upcoming sessions. Lead abatement can only be effective if people are properly trained,” Commissioner Grifa said. “As one of the most densely populated states in the country, with one of the oldest and most extensive industrial heritages, New Jersey contains a substantial amount of lead, which can result in people being exposed to unsafe levels of the metal. This training teaches people how to appropriately remove and contain lead in order to prevent lead poisoning.”

The training will take place at six community colleges in New Jersey in July. Training at Middlesex County College will take place July 27-29.

The DCA is partnering with the Consortium to provide the training. The seminars will give those involved with older housing stock in New Jersey the training and certification they need to ensure more homes in New Jersey are lead safe and in compliance with both Federal and State Regulations governing lead-safe work practices. In an effort to reduce costs to attend these sessions, the DCA is subsidizing the lead training classes through a grant from the Federal Government.

The following groups of people should take the seminars:

  • Multiple dwelling (3 or more dwelling units) owners who work on their pre-1978 built properties;
  • Home improvement contractors who work on pre-1978 built housing, child care facilities and schools;
  • Plumbing/heating/electrical contractors who work on pre-1978 housing when they disturb more than 2 square feet of paint; and
  • Maintenance workers who disturb more than 2 square feet of paint during work on pre-1978 housing.

The Lead Ready seminars will assist these groups in meeting the lead training requirements of both the State of New Jersey and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for people doing work on housing built prior to December 31, 1977. Housing built after 1977 is considered lead free because lead-based paint in residential dwellings was banned in 1978.

The 20-hour training includes four certification sessions: EPA Certified Renovator Course, EPA Lead Dust Wipe Technician Course, OSHA Hazard Communications Course, and New Jersey DCA Rules and Regulations on Lead Course. Failure to obtain the training and certification could prevent someone from performing the work.

The Lead Ready seminars are essential because the most common place to find lead is in paint in residential units built before 1978. Lead poisoning occurs when high concentrations of lead are found in blood levels.  Studies have shown that in children, this can result in hyperactivity, learning or behavioral problems. In adults, it can lead to increased blood pressure and digestive, muscle and joint problems.

For more information on lead safety, please visit www.leadsafenj.org or contact the DCA at 1-877-DCA-LEAD.

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