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Jovanna Calland

This is Jovanna Calland when she left high school: nice, intelligent, timid and shy; a follower.

This is Jovanna Calland today: nice, intelligent, confident and assertive; a leader.

What changed? Several things, but mostly, it was when she accepted a leadership role with the fashion club on campus.

“Fashion club helps develop self-confidence and self-esteem,” she said. “You see a change in the members. They come in shy and withdrawn, and after a few weeks of working with the club, they are more outspoken, confident, and want a lead role in the show. I came here timid and shy and now I’m the president of the club. It’s great. We’re like one big family, and we make sure everyone is treated with respect and consideration.”

She enjoys her classes as well.

“My favorite class is fashion merchandizing, where we got to do window displays,” she said. “I have a job doing displays and I got to use what I learned in class at my job. My district manager is really pleased because the displays look great and the items are really selling.”

Fashion design is in her genes.

“I come from a family of fashion designers, and I’ve always loved fashion,” she said. “I love to help people get the look they want, whether it is formal or casual. I love to draw and design dresses. Fashion is art and I love how clothes can make a person feel good.”

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