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Hispanic American Club Creates Scholarship in Counselor's Honor

Jun 1, 2006

The Hispanic American Club at Middlesex County College donated most of its entire treasury, to create a named scholarship in honor of its retiring counselor at the Middlesex County College.

The $10,000 donation, presented at Middlesex County College Foundation’s 37thAnnual Scholarship Ball this spring honored the career of Zorida Calvo Scott, who is retiring in June after a 29-year career at the College.  The scholarship will be awarded to a qualified student for the fall 2007 semester.

“Each year we hold a dance to raise funds, said Ms. Blumberg, president of the club.

“The dance generally raises about $1,000. This year, we are contributing not only the dance proceeds but most of our treasury in order to fund a new scholarship,”

In accepting the check, Charles Larsson, chair of Middlesex County College Foundation’s Board of Directors, said he was extremely impressed by the generosity of the students.

“I find it particularly inspiring when current students become involved with the foundation,” he said.  “In honor of Zoraida and to benefit the Foundation’s Community Investment Campaign, this group has in fact given all that they have to help fellow students. Many future generations of Hispanic American students will benefit from your efforts.”  This is the second endowed scholarship created by the Hispanic American Club.

In 1995, the group started raising funds and reached the $10,000 endowed level in 2001, Blumberg said.  The members have supported the Middlesex County College Foundation for years, but felt that because of Ms. Calvo Scott’s retirement and in gratitude for all of her efforts on behalf of the Hispanic American Club, it was appropriate to fund a scholarship in her name.

Students interested in applying for the $500-a-year scholarship can get an application online at www.mcc-foundation.org or by calling the Foundation office in Center IV on the Edison campus at 732-906-2564.