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Middlesex County College Foundation 1st Phonathon

May 26, 2011

The Middlesex County College Foundation held its first student volunteer Phonathon.  Thanks to dedicated MCC students who volunteered their time to help with this very important fundraiser, the Foundation exceeded its $10,000 goal and raised a total of $11,437. Student callers devoted up to two nights per week to make calls for the MCC Foundation’s first in-house Phonathon.  The Phonathon not only raised financial support, the process of student calls also helped to build and strengthen the relationship between MCC students and the various individuals they called.  Additionally, during these phone calls, student callers were able to share information about news and events on campus as well as answer questions about the College such as the new Crabiel Hall, what attending MCC means to them, what they felt about the mission of the Foundation and the assistance provided to students. All of the students enjoyed their chats while simultaneously generating monetary support for the mission of the MCC Foundation – to help students through financial assistance to achieve their educational and career goals.  The final value of these calls was to update individual contact information and share information about access to the College and Foundation website.

The student phonathon volunteers called alumni, college retirees, and parents and friends of the College to achieve its mission of building relationships, by keeping them informed about Middlesex County College, and making the case for annual support.

The student callers were eager to hear about the experiences of alumnae/retirees and college supporters.  Some great connections were made during this first Phonathon—check out the stories below!

During the spring 2011 Phonathon, student caller Darlene Gillett began a conversation with Dr. Frank Chambers, the first President of Middlesex County College.  As she first began talking to Dr. Chambers, Darlene felt somewhat intimidated speaking with the first President of MCC.  However, with Darlene’s spirited nature, she had a 20 minute conversation with Dr. Chambers about her transition back to college and being a recipient of the Blaha Battaglia Family and NJ Association of Women Business Owners Scholarships and what that meant to her.  Darlene informed Dr. Chambers about all of her wonderful experiences at MCC and the MCC Foundation.  Dr. Chambers also spoke of his many great years at MCC and wished Darlene great success in her Nursing Career.

Student volunteeers were given an incentive to raise the most pledges.
Middlesex County College Foundation extends its gratitude to student caller Shanza Arooj for raising the most pledges during a five-month period. Shanza is a recipient of the Women’s Rehabilitation Group of NJ Award through the MCC Foundation. She said, “This has been a great experience speaking to the individuals that make it possible for students to receive scholarships and continue their education”.
Middlesex County College Foundations is grateful to the donors who generously made pledges, and to student volunteers who unselfishly gave of their valuable time to make this first Phonathon a success.