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Middlesex County College Foundation “Empowering Dreams”

Nov 6, 2007

Since 1966, Middlesex County College Foundation has empowered dreams by providing more than $7.5 million in private financial aid, scholarships and grants to more than 10,500 students.  During the 2006-2007 academic year, 625 students were honored to receive scholarship funding.  Rosa Acha, a Computer Science major received the Excellence Endowed Scholarship for Part-time students in fall 2006 and the Telcordia Pioneers, Chapter 99 Endowed Scholarship in spring 2007.  She said, “Your generosity through scholarships has helped me take one more class and therefore accelerate my development as a future professional in computers.  When I received these scholarships I felt very happy because I felt that my hard work at school was recognized.”

The Foundation Directors and staff work tirelessly to garner funds for scholarships and college programs.  Their work has been rewarded in recent years by record amounts of financial support, the largest number ever of named and annual scholarships available for award and, most importantly, the smiles on the faces of the hundreds of students who benefit.

Many scholarships have been awarded for the 2007-2008 academic year.  The Foundation is grateful to those who assist with the scholarship selection process – awards could not be made without the Financial Aid Department, departmental committees and scholarship selection committees.  Students start the process by submitting a scholarship application to the Foundation.  The applications are carefully reviewed by Foundation staff and then distributed, based on criteria, to various committees and the Financial Aid Department. Applications are available throughout the year through brochure distribution and online applications that can be downloaded.  In order to make more students aware of scholarship opportunities, the Foundation provides the First Year Experience Department with thousands of brochures to include with the packets they mail out to prospective Middlesex County College students.

Recent Middlesex County College Foundation Scholarship Awards:

Dr. Jean Battaglia and Ekta Kishorbhai

The Blaha-Battaglia Family Scholarship was recently awarded to Ms. Ekta Kishorbhai.  This remarkable young woman is a Chemistry major with a top grade point average.  In an essay she submitted, she stated, “My educational objective is to graduate in 2008 with an Associate’s Degree in Chemistry and transfer to Rutger’s University and obtain a degree in Pharmacy.”  Ekta is deeply motivated to keep up her grades and yet she also finds time to give to the community.  She volunteers at her Temple on a regular basis and she also volunteers for the Township of Woodbridge in the Health Center when needed.  She helps her brother and his classmates prepare for SAT exams and with difficult school subjects.  The Blaha Battaglia Family Scholarship was established in April 2006 by Mr. Frank and Dr. Jean Battaglia.  Dr. Jean Battaglia is a Director of Middlesex County College Foundation and a retired Senior Director in Consolidated Compliance Services at Bristol-Myers Squibb Company.  Frank Battaglia is a retired chemical engineer from ExxonMobil Corporation.  Both have devoted their time and talent to community and non-profit organizations.  In endowing this scholarship, Jean and Frank acknowledge the interest and encouragement they received from their families throughout their academic and professional careers.

The Habib American Bank Endowed Scholarship was awarded to Mr. Jatin Modi.  Jatin is a hard-working and motivated Business Administration student.  He has achieved a high grade point average even though he also has a full-time job.  After he receives his associate’s degree from Middlesex County College, Jatin plans to continue his business courses at Montclair State University.  The Habib American Bank Endowed Scholarship was established in May 2004 
by the bank in celebration of the opening of its new branch in Edison.  The scholarship demonstrates Habib’s commitment to the community in which it operates and benefits students who seek to become productive citizens and members of the business community.

Nicole Howell and her mother MaryAnne

The Metuchen Savings Bank/Annamae Baerenbach Memorial Scholarship was awarded for the first time to Nicole Howell who is a second-year Education Practitioner student with academic merit.  Nicole is civic minded by actively volunteering at her church and as a member of Phi Theta Kappa.  This deserving young lady hopes to graduate from Middlesex County College in spring 2008 and then further her education at a four-year institution.  Her ultimate goal is to become fluent in Spanish and to teach young children basic Spanish.  The Metuchen Savings Bank/Annamae Baerenbach Memorial Scholarship was established in May 2006, shortly after Mrs. Baerenbach’s passing and in tribute of her 28 years of service as a valued employee, officer and director of the Bank.  Annamae Baerenbach was an outstanding citizen and dedicated community leader.

Seema Mazhar is a second-year Middlesex County College student who recently received The New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners (NJAWBO) Scholarship.  She is majoring in Media, Arts and Design with an excellent grade point average.  She graduated from high school in 1993 and has come back to school after having a lapse of several years.  The NJAWBO Endowed Scholarship was established in 1993 by the regional chapter of this professional organization.  In making the award, the Association expressed their pride in taking an active role in encouraging women who reside in Middlesex County to pursue their career ambitions.  The New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners Endowed Scholarship is awarded each year to a second-year female student who has returned to academia after a lapse in formal education.

Namema Amendi, Katarzyna Ostrowska, 
Dr. Frank Spano, Melissa Rizk and
Mustafa Engin

The 2007-2008 scholarship recipient of the Lieutenant Colonel Willard Blohm, US Army and Lieutenant Arch Updike, US Navy Scholarship is Mr. Mustafa C. Engin.  Mr. Engin is a biology major who plans to complete his studies at Middlesex County College in spring 2008.  He is more than half way through his associate’s degree program with a perfect grade point average.  The Lieutenant Colonel Willard Blohm, US Army and Lieutenant Arch Updike, US Navy Scholarship was established in September 2006 by Mrs. Mary D. Blohm and Mrs. Frances D. Updike in memory of their husbands.  This scholarship is presented as part of the Ron Romano Academic Achievement Award, which provides scholarship support to high achieving students and serves as an incentive for recipients to complete their Middlesex County College degree studies.

Karen Weierich

Mrs. Karen Weierich received The Goldelie and Stanley Schneider Memorial Endowed Scholarship.  Karen is an education major who decided to attend college more than 20 years after she graduated from high school. She is committed to succeed in her education pursuits, maintain her excellent grade point average and be an example to her children.  The Goldelie Schneider Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established in 1997 by Stanley Schneider in memory of his beloved wife, who through her career in student counseling at Middlesex County College assisted numerous students.  Upon Mr. Schneider’s death a few months later, the scholarship was renamed The Goldelie and Stanley Schneider Memorial Endowed Scholarship, to also honor his memory and his dedication to Middlesex County College students as a professor.

Mr. Sreenivasan Manivanna recently received The Shailesh and Dr. Bharti Shah Endowed Scholarship. He is a Physics Transfer major with a high grade point average.  He is also a new member of Phi Theta Kappa and helps students with tutoring.  The Shailesh and Dr. Bharti Shah Endowed Scholarship was established in 1995.  The scholarship was funded by a generous gift from Mr. and Dr. Shah and with additional contributions from members of the Middlesex County College Indian community.   The donors sought to provide support for students from the Indian community who were endeavoring to achieve their academic and career aspirations at the College.   The Shailesh and Dr. Bharti Shah Endowed Scholarship is awarded annually to a high achieving student of Indian origin who is enrolled full time and has completed 30 or more credits with a cumulative Grade Point Average of 3.5 or more.

Matthew Septak & Sweetwater
Construction Corporation President, 
Nancy Witt

The Sweetwater Construction Corporation Annual Scholarship was awarded to Matthew Septak. Matthew is the first scholarship recipient of this award.  Sweetwater Construction Corporation established the scholarship in August 2007.   This civic-minded corporation wanted to help support a student in the Civil/Construction Engineering Technology program, who has a 3.0 or better grade point average and has financial need.  It was their preference that the student also be employed in the construction industry.  Matthew is in his second year at Middlesex County College and plans to transfer to NJIT after he graduates.

The Women’s Rehabilitation Group of New Jersey Annual Scholarship was awarded to Miss Nevetha Rajendran and Miss Shahana Aamir.  Nevetha is majoring in Engineering Science, has a high grade point average and is involved with extra curricular activities.  She is planning a career in a male-dominated field and shows great promise in achieving her goals.  Miss Aamir is a Business Administration major who also has an excellent grade point average.  Even though she has a demanding schedule, she manages to find time to help those in need.  The Women’s Rehabilitation Group of New Jersey serves needy women, children and young men through teaching skills or by providing education so they can be self-supporting and lead self-respecting lives.  The group provides scholarship assistance to deserving students in India and in the United States.  They also provide funding to five colleges and universities and a number of educational and service projects in India.

Charlotte Hulse, Aiman Hameed
and Binny Chismar

The Adam J. Yarnutoski Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Ms. Aiman Hameed.  Ms. Hameed is a Liberal Arts Business major who plans to complete her associate’s degree and then transfer to a four-year college.  This scholarship was established in June 2006 by Albina J. Chismar and supported by Charlotte Hulse in loving tribute to their late brother, Adam J. Yarnutoski, a Middlesex County College alumni and businessman.  One of 11 children, Mr. Yarnutoski was a devoted brother who took special care of his sisters as well as other family members throughout his lifetime, especially after their mother passed away early in her life.  Above all he is remembered for his kindness and generosity.  The Adam J. Yarnutoski Scholarship is awarded to a student with financial need, a 3.5 or better Grade Point Average and who is pursuing an Associates Degree in Business.

www.mcc-foundation.org.   Middlesex County College Foundation works closely with the Financial Aid Department in awarding scholarships based on need.  Other scholarship opportunities are announced through the website, campus fliers, classroom announcements and in Quo Vadis.  For more information, please contact Pam Hedberg at 732.906.2564 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .