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A Word from the President to Families


Dear Families: On behalf of the entire community, I’d like to welcome you to Middlesex County College. I think you’ll find a friendly, caring environment, dedicated to helping your student succeed. We have an excellent faculty with small class sizes, so each student receives personal attention. We have a wonderful support network to help those who need assistance. And we have a full range of student activities for those who want to get involved in campus life.

Many of our graduates move directly into careers and are fully prepared to begin work. Others transfer to a four-year college or university as full juniors. We have alumni at Rutgers, Kean, Ramapo, New York University and Columbia, to name but a few. One of our recent graduates is now at Columbia University on a full Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship, the most prestigious transfer scholarship in the nation.

The next two years will be challenging and full of hard work for your student, but with your support – and with ours – he or she will have every opportunity to be successful.

Best wishes and good luck.


Joann La Perla-Morales

Joann La Perla-Morales, President of Middlesex County College