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Student Success Courses

Student Success Courses are courses designed to help students develop their study and thinking skills.  These courses include:

SSD 101


Credits: 3 (3-0)

Students learn and adapt methods for success in college and lifelong learning.  Orientation to college, study skills, critical thinking skills, and learning styles are emphasized.  Various methods of being successful in diverse leaving and social environments are explored. Strategies for the development of academic and life-long success are stressed.  Students are assisted in their college persistence by means of their development of an educational and career plan.  In developing their plans, students utilize various college resources and departments.  Students who have earned more than 24 college credits may only take this course with dean’s approval.

SSH 010


Credit equivalents: 3 (3-0)

Increases students’ ability to think critically, abstractly and systematically.  Students are required to paraphrase, analyze, outline and summarize various types of problems in order to expand the deductive thinking and problem-solving skills most demanded in an academic environment.  Study skills and the development of a positive self-concept are also explored.

BUS 010


Credit equivalents: 3 (3-0)

Provides students with the tools to ensure success through good study skills, including note taking, time management, listening, test-taking, problem-solving, etc.  Touch operation of the computer keyboard (including alphabet, number, and symbol keys) is also emphasized through hands-on instruction.