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Spring 2015 Online Scholarship ApplicationSTARS Online Guidelines
– Please read before applying –

(Please Note: Our STARS Online application has no relation to the New Jersey STARS program.)

Information

  • Use your MCC email address. Please check your email address entry for accuracy. All contact regarding awards and additional opportunities will go to the email address you list.
  • Know your MCC Student ID. You cannot apply for scholarships if you are not enrolled.
  • Please use proper capitalization. The way you type your information is the way you’ll see it when you receive email from the scholarships office.

Helpful Hints

  • When completing each section of the application, you must click “Save and Exit” or “Save and Continue” or your answers will not be saved. Do this regularly.
  • Complete the entire application. Recommended scholarships will not be listed if the application is not finished. Because of the magnitude of applicants, incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • For free-form questions, click on “edit” and a text box will appear for your answers. (Hint: You may type your answers into a Word document, then cut and paste into the application text box). 
  • IMPORTANT: Please know which degree you are pursuing. All scholarships are linked to a degree and will affect which scholarships are recommended to you. View Degree and Certificate Programs
  • For more helpful tools, please check out the Scholarships Homepage.

Letters of Recommendation