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Developmental Courses

The Advising Center is committed to conveying a solid understanding of Middlesex County College's policy about developmental courses to all students. A careful reading of this page will help the Center complete its objective. 
Students take developmental courses based upon the results of the College Placement Test as administered by the Testing Center. Students must complete all required developmental courses as early as possible. Early remediation helps insure success in other college courses. No credit-bearing courses in English or mathematics may be taken prior to successful completion of required remedial courses in these areas.

  1. Full-time students must satisfactorily complete required developmental courses in the first two semesters of study. If a student's major requires a second level of algebra, one semester will be added to the time allowed for completion. Appropriate level developmental courses are taken in sequence, and all areas must be addressed each semester until all are completed. Students who are required to include developmental courses may carry no more than a combined total of 15 credits or credit equivalents, except with the permission of the Director or Assistant Director of the Academic Advising Center.
  2. Part-time students must satisfactorily complete all required remedial courses in the first four semesters of study. However, at least one of the required courses must be included in each registration until all are completed. Completion of developmental requirements should be in the following order: 
    Reading courses 
    Writing courses 
    Mathematics Computation 
    Elementary Algebra 
    Intermediate Algebra (when required for the major)
  3. Students needing the first reading course, RDG 009, may not register for credit-bearing courses, other than the appropriate mathematics course or the SSD 101 course, until the RDG 009 requirement is satisfied.
  4. Students required to take both RDG 009, Reading Skills for College I and RDG 011, Reading Skills for College II, must enroll in the appropriate Reading course each semester, until each course is successfully completed with a grade of "C" or better.
  5. Students enrolled in the follow degree or certificate programs who need remediation in Algebra must successfully complete MAT 014, Algebra II, with a grade of "C" or better before they may enroll in any credit-bearing mathematics course:  

    Biology Pre-Professional
    Biology Transfer
    Business Administration Transfer  
    Chemistry Pre-Professional
    Chemistry Transfer
    Dietetic Transfer
    CivilEngineering Technology  
    Computer Aided Drafting Certificate
    Computer Science--Information Systems 
    Computer Science--Network Administration and Support
    Computer Science--Programming Certificate
    Computer Science--Network Admnistration Certificate
    Computer Science--Technical Certificate in Internet/Web Page Development
    Computer Science--Technical Certificate in Information Systems Security
    Computer Science--Technical Certificate in Windows/PC Support
    Electronic Engineering Technology  
    Engineering Science  
    Mathematics Transfer
    Mechanical/Engineering Technology   
    Physics Transfer


RDG 009RDG 011

ENG 009ENG 010 → ENG 121 → ENG 122 or 125

RDG 011→ ENG 122

MAT 010MAT 013MAT 014

MAT 010AMAT 010B

MAT 010A + MAT 010B = MAT 010

MAT 013AMAT 013B

MAT 009/013A → MAT 013B

MAT 013A + MAT 013B = MAT 013

MAT 013 MAT 014

MAT 014A +MAT 014B = MAT 014

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