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General Education – Diversity Electives


This revised list of General Education Diversity Electives reflects recent revisions authorized by the state of New Jersey.

African-American Studies
AFS 123 Introduction to African Civilizations 
AFS 231 African-American History

American Sign Language
ASL 223 Deaf Culture and History

COM 115 Intercultural Communication

ENG 225 World Literature I
ENG 226 World Literature II
ENG 227 Literature of Black America
ENG 239 Women in Literature
ENG 250 Gay and Lesbian Literature
ENG 253 Mythology in Literature
ENG 264 Survey of World Cinema

Environmental Technology
ENV 207 Environmental Issues in our Diverse Society

FRE 224 Contemporary French Literature
FRE 228 French Culture and Civilization

GER 224 Contemporary German Literature
GER 228 German Culture and Civilization

HED 150 Contemporary Health Issues
HED 200 Human Sexuality and Family Life

HIS 123 History of Civilization in East Asia
HIS 124 History of Civilization in the Third World
HIS 131 World History I
HIS 132 World History II 
HIS 245 History of Major World Religions
HIS 258 History of Women
HIS 260 Dimensions of Prejudice, Genocide and the Holocaust

Languages and Cultures
LNC 123 An Introduction to the Study of Human Language

PSY 163 Psychology of the African-American Experience
PSY 217 Psychology of Women 
PSY 227 Psychology of the Handicapped

SCI 226 Environmental Issues in Our Diverse Society

SOC 121 Introduction to Sociology 
SOC 123 Introduction to Anthropology 
SOC 205 Diversity & Multiculturalism in U.S. Society 
SOC 231 Indians of the Americas
SOC 240 Perspectives on Sexual Identity

SPA 223 Main Currents in Hispanic Literature
SPA 224 Contemporary Hispanic Literature
SPA 226 Hispanic Civilization
SPA 228 Spanish Civilization and Culture
SPA 242 Masterpieces of Hispanic Literature in Translation (XX Century)