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General Education – Humanities Electives

African-American Studies
AFS 123 Introduction to African Civilizations 
AFS 231 African-American History

American Sign Language
ASL 121 American Sign Lanugage I
ASL 122 American Sign Language II

ART 104 History of Photography  
ART 105 Introduction to Art  
ART 115 Survey of Non-Western Art 
ART 120 Survey of American Art
ART 123 Art History: Ancient to Renaissance 
ART 124 Art History: Renaissance to Modern 
ART 125 Art History: Modern and Contemporary

DAN 132 Dance Appreciation

English (all courses have ENG 122 as the prerequisite)
ENG 221 English Literature I 
ENG 222 English Literature II 
ENG 225 World Literature I 
ENG 226 World Literature II 
ENG 227 Literature of Black America 
ENG 228 Modern British and American Poetry 
ENG 233 Introduction to the Novel 
ENG 234 Introduction to Shakespeare 
ENG 239 Women in Literature 
ENG 243 Literature of the U.S. to 1880 
ENG 244 Literature of the U.S.: 1880 to 1945 
ENG 245 Literature of the U.S.: World War II to the Present 
ENG 247 Principles of Literary Study: Introduction to Poetry 
ENG 248 Introduction to Short Fiction 
ENG 249 Biography and Autobiography 
ENG 253 Mythology in Literature 
ENG 254 Literature and Film 
ENG 255 Introduction to Film
ENG 258 Modern Dramatic Literature 
ENG 262 Cinema History
ENG 263 Survey of American Cinema
ENG 264 Survey of World Cinema

FRE 121 Elementary French I 
FRE 122 Elementary French II (FRE 121 is the prerequisite) 
FRE 221 Intermediate French I  (FRE 122 is the prerequisite)
FRE 222 Intermediate French II  (FRE 221 is the prerequisite)
FRE 224 Contemporary French Literature (prerequisite of either FRE 221 or 222) 
FRE 228 French Civilization and Culture (FRE 221 is the prerequisite) 
FRE 231 French Conversation and Composition I  (FRE 222 is the prerequisite)
FRE 232 French Conversation and Composition II

GER 121 Elementary German I 
GER 122 Elementary German II (GER 121 is the prerequisite) 
GER 221 Intermediate German I  (GER 122 is the prerequisite)
GER 222 Intermediate German II  (GER 221 is the prerequisite)
GER 224 Modern German Literature (GER 221 is the prerequisite) 
GER 228 German Culture and Civilization  (GER 221 is the prerequisite)
GER 231 German Conversation and Composition I (GER 222 is the prerequisite) 
GER 232 German Conversation and Compositiion II

HIS 121 History of Western Civilization I 
HIS 122 History of Western Civilization II 
HIS 123 History of Civilization in East Asia 
HIS 124 History of Civilization in the Third World
HIS 131 World History I
HIS 132 World History II
HIS 221 United States History I 
HIS 222 United States History II 
HIS 256 History of the Twentieth Century 
HIS 258 History of Women

ITA 121 Elementary Italian I 
ITA 122 Elementary Italian II (ITA 121 is the prerequisite) 
ITA 221 Intermediate Italian I (ITA 122 is the prerequisite) 
ITA 222 Intermediate Italian II (ITA 221 is the prerequisite)

MUS 107 Introduction to Music 
MUS 123 Music History: Traditional 
MUS 124 Music History: Contemporary    
MUS 145 Music Appreciation: Jazz History

PHI 121 Philosophy 
PHI 122 Logic 
PHI 123 Ethics

SPA 121 Elementary Spanish I 
SPA 122 Elementary Spanish II (SPA 121 is the prerequisite) 
SPA 210 Spanish for Hispanics 
SPA 221 Intermediate Spanish I (SPA 122 is the prerequisite) 
SPA 222 Intermediate Spanish II  (SPA 221 is the prerequisite) 
SPA 223 Main Currents in Hispanic Literature (either SPA 210 or SPA 222 is the prerequisite) 
SPA 224 Contemporay Hispanic Literature (either SPA 210 or SPA 222 is the prerequisite)
SPA 226 Hispanic Civilization  (either SPA 210 or SPA 221 or SPA 222 or SPA 226 or SPA 228 is the prerequisite)
SPA 228 Spanish Civilization and Culture  (either SPA 210 or SPA 221 or SPA 222 or SPA 224 or SPA 226 is the prerequisite)
SPA 231 Spanish Conversation and Composition I (SPA 222 is the prerequisite) 
SPA 232 Spanish Conversation and Composition II

THE 105 Introduction to Theatre 
THE 123 Theatre History 
THE 124 Contemporary Theatre