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MCC Guide to Self-Advising

The Academic Advising Center and Open College Program has created a new blog to establish another resource for our students and faculty members. You are encouraged to read through it and become a follower if you wish to do so. Please click Academic Advising Center and Open College Program Blog.

As many of you may know, Twitter is a source of constantly updated information. You can stay current with all the news from the Academic Advising Center by joining Twitter today and start following the Center @MCCAdvisor. There is no charge to start an account.  Please note that those of us who work in the Advising Center will not follow you on your Twitter account.   If you already have an account, please follow the Center @MCCAdvisor.

   This Guide has been created by the Academic Advising Center to assist students in making decisions about their choice of courses during each enrollment cycle.  While this site contains a great deal of information and guidelines about making academic decisions, the staff of the Academic Advising Center stands ready to assist any and all students in making correct and accurate decisions about their academic future at Middlesex County College.  This Guide should never be considered as a substitute for visiting the Academic Advising Center or a transfer counselor in the Department of Counseling and Career Services for one-to-one assistance.

What's New...

Starting on March 10, 2008 there are new guidelines for Math placement based on the College Placement Test and the SAT Math score. Students who have already taken the College Placement Test will follow the older math grid while students testing on March 10 and after will follow the new math grid. Students who have taken the SAT prior to March 10, 2008 and have never attended MCC will also follow the new math grid.

Have a question? Email the Academic Advising Center at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it