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Students with College Placement Test Results & Developmental Courses

The College Placement Test is designed to provide information about your skills in reading, writing, and in mathematics. The results are used, along with other information, to place you in courses appropriate to your level of preparation. In some cases this may include non-credit, developmental courses.

The Middlesex County College Placement Test consists of a 50-minute essay written on a computer screen and a series of multiple choice questions presented on a personal computer. The multiple choice tests measure your skills in reading comprehension, sentence skills, and elementary algebra. You are also tested on either your math computation or intermediate algebra skills, depending on your progress in the elementary algebra portion of the test. The computerized test is untimed, although most students complete it within two hours.

You are invited to attend a two hour workshop which provides an overview of the College Placement Test.  To look at the scheduled dates for this workshop, please click here.

The College Placement Test will indicate the following:

  • Reading (placement in RDG 009 (0-60), RDG 011 (61-83), or neither (84 or higher)

  • English  (placement in ENG 009, ENG 010, or neither) These scores are based on essays beginning June 8, 2009

  • Mathematics (placement in MAT 010 or MAT 013 or MAT 014 or credit-earning math effective March 10, 2008)

You may also be placed in SSD 101 (Student Success) as a result of the College Placement Test.


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