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SAT Scores & Placement in Math Classes

(prior to 3/10/08)

Please look at this table to determine if our SAT score will permit you to register for Precalculus or Calculus.
This table is effective for SAT Math scores for students who registered before the Summer or Fall of 2008


SAT Math Score Placement
and you want to enroll in
Your Precalculus placement is based on a general math diagnostic test (you may place into MAT 014 or MAT 129A or MAT 129)
550 or higher and you want to enroll in
You are exempt from MAT 014
You are eligible for MAT 129A or 129 (your choice)
550-649 and you want to enroll in Calculus You are eligible to register for MAT 131 or MAT 131A if you received a grade of "C" or better in high school precalculus. The College must have a record of your final grade.
650 and higher
You may choose MAT 129A or 129 or 131 or 131A.


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