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Open College Program



January 21 First day of class
March 24 Current student registration begins for Fall 2014
March 31

New student registration begins for Summer and Fall 2014

April 3 Last day to withdraw from a 14-week Spring 2014 class

Please be mindful that Open College Undecided and Open College Health Technologies are not eligible for financial aid.

For information about these workshops, please click here.

Have you met with your academic advisor yet this semester? It's time to do just that. You and your advisor need to chat about your plans for next semester well in advance of registration. If you don't know your advisor's name, location or office hours, stop in the Open College Office (Chambers Hall 109) for that information.

Free tutoring is available to you in the Tutoring Center in JLC 240. If you need to review for a test, are stuck on a homework problem, want to discuss what was covered in today's class or have any academic questions, come in and talk to a tutor! The tutors are students who have already successfully completed the courses and have been trained to help you do your best. An extensive schedule is provided.


Registration for current students begins on March 24.  New student registration begins on March 31 through New Student Orientation in BH 100.

Make an appointment with your advisor to discuss your course selections. You may confirm your advisor's name and location in the Open College Office.

Your advisor will sign the registration form (after it's properly completed by you).

If necessary, you may change your schedule after receiving your Fall grades.

This means it's time to think about which courses you will enroll in and which instructors you will select. Don't be afraid to interview a potential instructor and ask about your responsibilities in that class.

Before you fill change your major at the Admissions Office, you should do some planning and research.  Meet with your OC advisor.  This is the person who can help steer you through the decision-making process toward choosing a major.  In addition, you should do some research.

Choosing a major involves more than filling out a few forms.  You must put together knowledge about yourself and knowledge about the courses you would have to take, and maybe even knowledge about the people who teach them.

Know Your Profession--For example, women and men in the radiography profession must be able to read, digest, and memorize huge amounts of medical facts and data perfectly.  They must be able to use this information quickly; it must be right at their fingertips--people's lives could depend on it.  As a radiography major, you would face the same demands, for the same reasons.

Computers interest you?  Then you should know that computer specialists must be meticulous; programs won't run unless they are perfect.

What about engineering?  marketing?  liberal arts transfer courses?  Each of these choices places specific intellectual burdens on you.

Learn Before You Choose: Find out as much as you can about your possible curriculum choice before you sign on the dotted line.

TALK to someone who teaches in that curriculum.
TALK to your OC advisor.
TALK to a senior majoring in what interests you! .
DECLARE your major at the Office of Admissions.

If you are applying for a selective health technologies program or Automotive Technology, fill out an application with the Admissions Office. Please be mindful of all application deadlines.

Final grades will be available through WebAdvisor in CampusCruiser.  Final grades will be mailed to those students who request it.

In case of inclement weather, call (732) 906-2555 for information on delayed openings and closings.

Do you remember that one of the criteria for Dean's List honors is a semester GPA of 3.25 or higher? And you could suffer the following consequences if your GPA falls below a 2.0:

If a student has attempted no more than 11 credits,

Below 2.00=Academic Warning

If a student has attempted between 12 and 23 credits,

Below 2.00=Academic Warning 
Below 1.60=Academic Probation 
Below 1.00=Academic Restriction

If a student has attempted between 24 and 39 credits,

Below 2.00=Academic Warning 
Below 1.80=Academic Probation
Below 1.60=Academic Suspension

If a student has attempted 40 or more credits,

Below 2.00=Academic Warning 
Below 1.80=Academic Suspension

Students registered for at least one developmental course are held to a separate standard. For a complete explanation of the Academic Standards of Progress, see p.14 of the College Catalog or the College's Academic Status Page.

You may enroll in a course 3 times. All letter grades, including "W,"count as an enrollment. See page 13 of the Middlesex County College Catalog for the repeat policy.

Students enrolled in developmental courses including RDG, ENG, ESL, and MAT may not register for more than 15 credits/credit equivalents, except by submitting an appeal to the Director or Assistant Director of the Advising Center and Open College Program in Chambers Hall 109.

During the Spring 2014 semester, the Open College Office (CH 109) is open Mondays and Thursdays from 8:30 a.m. until 6:30 p.m. and on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30 a.m. until 4:30 p.m.

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