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Employer's Role

Employer Responsibilities:

  • To assist the student with the development of five job related learning objectives
  • To provide a minimum of 180 hours of work during the semester (approximately 13 hours/week)
  • To allow site visits by a Career Services staff member
  • To complete a mid-semester progress report
  • To rate the learning objectives at the end of the semester

Employer Advantages:

  • A great way to bring in talented students to contribute to the organization with work, ideas and new energy
  • Provides an effective, low risk evaluation and training ground for prospective full-time employees
  • Oppportunity to participate in and influence the educational process
  • Greater average retention rates among permanent employees recruited and hired through co-op programs
  • Upon the student's graduation, you have an opportunity to hire a full-time, prescreened employee who fits your needs and is already familiar with the needs of your organization