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How to Work with Career Services for Job Search Assistance

Middlesex County College Career Services' resources, including CCN job listings, are for currently-enrolled MCC students and MCC graduates. Jobs are posted on our CCN site by the employers, and students apply for the posted positions via CCN. Please read the following information:

If you are seeking help getting started with your résumé or updating a résumé you already have prepared, please make an appointment to meet with Career Services by calling 732-906-2595 or stopping by ED-100.

Access to CCN for online job postings in 3 easy steps:

  1. MCC students register in CCN using your MCC Student ID as the Access ID. Your registration comes to Career Services for approval. Here's the link to CCN: http://www.collegecentral.com/mcc/

  2. Once approved, upload your résumé or use the Résumé Builder feature in CCN to create a résumé. 

  3. With your Registration complete and your résumé uploaded, you can then search for and apply to jobs posted into CCN by employers. A few important points:

    • Make sure your CCN Profile is written appropriately (i.e. addresses use capital letters correctly etc). Remember, your Profile is your introduction to the employer and if you don't present yourself as a professional, the employer will not see you as one. Text-speak (e.g. all lower-case letters and abbreviations) is not acceptable as professional business communication.

    • If you do not match the job requirements posted by the employer, don't apply! The requirements/qualifications are there for a reason. Instead of applying, if the job sounds great to you, take note of the listed skills & education required and then make a plan for how you will earn those qualifications so you will be a viable candidate for a position like this one in the future.

We try to review and approve registrations and résumés quickly but depending on the time of year/semester, it may take longer. Faster way: You are always welcome to make an appointment to meet with Career Services, and we will process your request during your appointment.

Employers post these positions themselves. The information posted is all the information Career Services knows about the position.

Most employers will contact you directly if they are interested in offering you the opportunity to interview.  Please let us know if you are called for an interview.

For jobs opportunities NOT on the MCC CCN site:

  1. You apply for yourself by carefully following all stated instructions for applying. Of course, Career Services will still help you prepare your résumé if you'd like.

Please also note:

  • It is really important that you verify that all contact information on your résumé (email address and phone numbers) is current and accurate. If you change your cell phone or email address, be sure to update that info on your résumé prior to having it sent to an employer.

  • It is equally important that you monitor voicemail and email at least daily during your job search. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS respond immediately when an employer contacts you! Even if you have already accepted another position, please return the call promptly and thank the employer for their interest in you. Not only is that professional behavior, but with today's job market, you just never know who might be your boss in the future ....

  • Please ensure that all communications (emails, phone calls, letters) are professional in format and content, and all written correspondence is free of typos and misspellings.

  • Other pages on the Career Services website contain info to help you prepare for your interview, including tips for appropriate interview attire, tips on preparing for your interview and about helping yourself be successful on interview dayhow to answer the most common interview questions and more. Please take the time to review this information, you'll be glad you did!