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Job Search Advice for Today's Job Market

Job search assistance is available to all currently enrolled students in good academic standing (2.0 GPA or higher) as well as to alumni.  To register for the service, you will need to meet with one of the Career Services staff by appointment.  You will be required to submit a current resume.  If you do not have a resume, help writing a resume is available through our on-line guide or by appointment.

Off campus job opportunities are posted by category on the MCC web site.  Information on job descriptions, qualifications, salary, hours, and locations is available online.  For students who are registered with Career Services, contact us by email using your MCC email address when you see a job listing for which you would like to apply.

Call 732-906-2595 to schedule an appointment.

Keep a Job Search Log

Once you start your job search, it's very important to keep track of where you apply and to whom you send your resume. A Job Search Log helps you stay organized and maintain a record the when, where and who you sent your resume to, interviewed with or contacted for information. Microsoft has an Excel template for an easy to use Job Serach Log; follow these steps to access it from Microsoft Online:

  • Make sure your computer has access to the Internet.
  • Open Microsoft  Excel
  • Click "New", and type "job search log" in the search box.
  • Double-click on the image to view and download the log template
  • Save your new Job Search Log onto your computer
  • Now it's yours to update with all your contacts.

ARRA (American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009) on USAJOBS.gov

Test Yourself

In an interview with a man recently hired for a stimulus job, the successful newly-employed man offered this sage comment: "People have a tendency to think others will do the legwork, but you have to be willing to go to any lengths, to make phone calls, submit your own resume and follow up,” he says.
So, do you know if your resume doing it's job? Are you totally prepared for your interview? Have you tapped into every resource possible to help you find that job? Why not check by reviewing some of these online quizzes?