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Job Search Basics

Step One: Your Resume

Writing an effective resume can be one of the most difficult parts of your job search, but you don't have to go it alone!  Schedule an appointment with a Career Services staff member.  We can help you prepare your first resume or revise your current resume.  You can also get some tips on how to get started by reading Start With a Huge List

Step Two: The Cover Letter
  • When using the Career Services' resume referral service, most often a cover letter is not necessary because we write a cover when we send your resume.  However, if you are responding to a newspaper or online job posting or are being referred to a position by a friend or family member, you should include a cover letter.
  • A good cover letter works to supplement your resume by demonstrating that you are a solid match for the position; use the employer's posted job description as your guide and match your accomplishments & experience to those qualifications.
  • If an employer asks for your salary history or salary requirements, you must supply that information in a cover letter or you will not be considered.
  • Think of your cover letter as a "letter of application" and an opportunity for an employer to measure your written communication skills.  Your cover letter should catch the reader's attention and entice them to look at your resume.
  • For additional help with writing a cover letter, read this or make an appointment with a Career Services staff member (732-906-2595).
Step Three: The Interview

Every part of the job search (researching employers, writing a resume, etc.) is designed with one objective in mind:  to obtain an interview.  Interviews can be stressful or relaxed, but in either case, your skills, experience and education are being evaluated and your responses will determine whether you receive a job offer or a rejection.  Knowing what to expect during an interview  can increase your chances of having a successful interview experience.  Start your preparations right here and be sure to review the best way to answer some common interview questions.  As always, the Career Services staff is available to meet with you individually to discuss preparing for an interview.

Step Four: The Thank You Letter

Following an interview, it is important that you send a thank you letter to the interview.  This will serve two purposes:  it sincerely thanks the person for considering you for the position and it shows them that you are interested in the position.  The truth is that so few people bother to do this that your thank you letter will immediately make yourself stand out! (And how do you know who to send the letter to? Before you leave the interview, ask for business cards from everyone on the interview team).



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