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Services for Unemployed Individuals

Your next opportunity to start credit classes is Summer 2015 semester. Registration opened in March. Find open courses by clicking on the Search for Credit Classes on Middlesex County College's main page, select Summer 2015 from the drop down as the Term. Here's a direct link to the Search for Credit Classes page.Our Summer I classes begin May 18 but there are other start dates as well. Please check the dates of your class carefully!

Please Note: MCC's Tuition Due Date for all Summer classes is May 4, 2015. After May 4, if you will be attending MCC using a training grant, you CANNOT register for Summer classes until a signed Authorization to Start Training has arrived at MCC from your OneStop counselor otherwise your classes will be cancelled that evening for non-payment. It is your responsibility to ensure that your contract  has arrived in the Office of Student Account Services prior to registering for classes. Enrolled MCC students can verify that your contract has been received by checking your CampusCruiser/Web Advisor account in the Financial Profile/Make a Payment section.

Applying for Financial Aid for Summer 2015 semester? You must complete the form on the Financial Aid webpage (click here). Read more detailed information on MCC's Financial Aid webpage here. Don't forget: now is the time to file your FAFSA for the 2015-2016 academic year!

Be ready! Start your MCC application process and placement testing now!

Did you receive a letter about Pell Grants?
Read here for some information that may not have been included in your letter:

1. Pell Grant Eligibility: If you already have an undergraduate degree, you cannot receive a Pell Grant to obtain another degree ... but you can apply for other types of financial aid (e.g. student loans).
2. How to apply for a Pell Grant? You must apply online at the federal site: www.fafsa.ed.gov
3.If you receive unemployment insurance (UI) benefits, you MUST start at your OneStop Career Center before exploring any training options. You must maintain compliance with all guidelines when you pursue training so you can continue to receive UI benefits (e.g. any requirement to maintain availability for work).
4. What is a Pell Grant? Pell is a federal program and the federal government determines the amount of your Grant (if any). Even though MCC's Financial Aid dept DOES NOT determine Pell, we may be able to answer questions for you. Visit (don't call) us on the Edison campus in East Hall.

 Tuition Waiver Information

Unemployed County residents who had been in the workforce for at least two (2) years and are now unemployed may be eligible for tuition waiver. As with all training monies, eligibility is determined by the OneStop Career Center. START THERE FIRST!  Note: tuition waiver CANNOT be used for Nursing fees.
  • ATTENTION: NJ residents who are receiving unemployment benefits from another state! Are you planning to enroll at Middlesex County College using TUITION WAIVER? Even if you are collecting unemployment benefits from out of state (the state you worked in), you MUST must MUST also visit the  Middlesex County OneStop Career Center in order to be considered for the tuition waiver program

Tuition waiver individuals can register for classes on a space-available basis no more  than two (2) business days prior to the start of the class (1 business day for non-credit) and only for classes that are listed as OPEN. NOTE: because there are multiple start dates in the Summer, you must be sure of the start date of the class you have been authorized to take, and arrive at MCC to register no more than 2 business days before that start date.

Students attending via tuition waiver must pay for their own books, supplies & course fees.

To register with tuition waiver, students must complete the FAFSA financial aid application and bring an approved Tuition Waiver Form & EDP from the OneStop Career Center counselor (with the courses your OneStop counselor is approving you to take filled out on the back of the form) to our Enrollment Center. If you are not a Middlesex County resident, you must show proof that you first attempted to enroll at your home county college.

Tuition waiver registrants are not required to meet with anyone at MCC prior to registration however, we encourage candidates to visit the Academic Advising Center before going to your OneStop counselor so you can inform the counselor about which course(s) to list on your form. Forms without courses listed will not be accepted. As per NJ State Statute, neither the student nor Middlesex County College can alter the form by changing, substituting or adding classes.

Please also check MCC's academic calendar to see when each semester starts


State Funding for Training

You may be eligible for training-to-work funds to use toward enrollment in Middlesex County College if you are unemployed. Determination of eligibility is made by the Department of Labor/Workforce Development and not by Middlesex County College. The information included here is intended to help you get started with the process, and with Middlesex County College. 

Getting Started - How Do I Know if I am Eligible?
To get started, for further information and to determine if you may be eligible for training grants, contact or visit one of Middlesex County's One-Stop Career Centers Office of Training and Employment Services. Accepted participants may train in one approved credit or noncredit certificate program for one year (up to $4,000 in cost) in order to prepare for a
demand occupation in Middlesex County (as defined by the Department of Labor). Participants also undergo employment skills training.

Middlesex County's OneStop Career Centers are located at:

  • 506 Jersey Ave. New Brunswick, NJ 08901
    (732) 937-6200
    Hours: Mon. – Fri. 8:30am – 4:30pm
  • 161 New Brunswick Ave., 3rd floor, Suite 300 Perth Amboy, NJ 08861
    (732) 293-5016
    Hours: Mon. – Fri. 8:30am – 4:30pm

More information from the Department of Labor/Workforce Development - Other Useful Links

How Do I Learn More About Middlesex County College?  

With the help of your OneStop Career Center counselor, you've determined that you are eligible for training monies. Now you want to know more about Middlesex County College, our programs and our resources. That's great! Here is some information to help.

Middlesex County College offers over 80 associate's degree and certificate programs. In addition, the Career Training Center offers non-credit programs of study. Read through these links to learn more: http://www2.middlesexcc.edu/academics/degree-and-certificate-programs.html  

Non-Credit Career Training

  1. What training programs are offered by Professional and Community Education?
  2. What is the link to the Career Training Center's page?
  3. Who should I contact for more information? I have paperwork from my OneStop Career Center counselor that I must have completed before I can be approved for a training grant to enroll in a non-credit program. Where do I go? For Programs offered by the Career Training Center, contact Tracey Montani, Director at 732-906-4231 or  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . For Programs offered by The Institute, contact Michelle DelVecchio at 732-906-4681 or stop by IRC room 205Where is the Career Training Center located? on MCC's Edison campus in West Hall, 2nd floor.
  4. Where is the Career Training Center located? on MCC's Edison campus in West Hall, 2nd floor.

"For Credit" Degree or Certificate Programs

  1. Be ready for the  Spring 2015 semester! Start your MCC application process and placement testing now!

  2. Please note: MCC's Tuition Due Date for all Summer classes is May 4, 2015 After May 4, if you will be attending MCC using a training grant, you CANNOT register for Spring classes until a signed Authorization to Start Training has arrived at MCC from your OneStop counselor otherwise your classes will be cancelled that evening for non-payment. It is your responsibility to verify that your signed Authorization to Start Training arrives in the Office of Student Account Services before you register for classes. Enrolled MCC students can verify that your contract has been received by checking your CampusCruiser/Web Advisor account in the Financial Profile/Make A Payment section.

  3. How do I apply to become a student at MCC? How do I get a letter of acceptance? Click here for Admissions Information. The Admissions Department will issue an acceptance letter once you have satisfied all application requirements.

  4. What steps need I take to get enrolled?

  5. What programs can I study @ MCC? Click here. Also consult the Department of Labor's njtrainingsystems.org for preliminary cost & duration estimates as well as general program information.

  6. Do I need to take the college's placement test before I have my OneStop paperwork completed?  If you have not attended college before this, you most likely do need to take it. Until you test, there is no way to know if you need to take developmental classes first in order to prepare you to be successful in college-level classes. While we at MCC prefer that you have your placement test results prior to completing your program estimate paperwork, some OneStop counselors advise that you wait to take the placement test until after the paperwork is completed. Please check with your OneStop counselor but remember: program estimate completed prior to placement testing is subject to change (in terms of cost and length of program) once you receive your test results. Learn more about the placement test here.

  7. Admission to our health programs is competitive; you cannot simply enroll in any of the health technology programs. Please read about the requirements and the application deadlines & testing process here.

  8. Where can I find out about Financial Aid?

  9. What is MCC's academic calendar? When do classes start? end?

  10. I have training grant paperwork from my OneStop Career Center counselor that I must have completed before I can be approved for a training grant. Who do I contact at MCC for information about credit programs? Contact Charlotte Quigley in Counseling & Career Services @ 732-906-2595 to schedule an appointment. (Note: the Department of Counseling & Career Services works by appointment, so you must call and schedule an appointment. Please be on time for your appointment - the paperwork takes an hour or more.) Please bring all paperwork from your OneStop counselor with you to the appointment.

  11. I have been approved to attend classes via Tuition Waiver. Do I need to make an appointment with anyone? No, after applying for financial aid, come to the Enrollment Center in Chambers Hall with your completed Tuition Waiver form no sooner than two (2) business days before the start of the semester to register in classes that are still open. YOU CAN ONLY REGISTER FOR THE COURSES LISTED ON YOUR FORM BY YOUR ONESTOP COUNSELOR!

  12. Where is Counseling & Career Services located? On MCC's Edison campus (2600 Woodbridge Ave, Edison NJ) in Edison Hall, room 100. Please park in Student Parking Lot 1 or Lot  2. (Cars parked in staff parking lots without a staff sticker will be ticketed).

Other Programs at MCC

New Pathways to Teaching Tuition waivers are not accepted but unemployment training grants can be used. All training grant paperwork provided by your OneStop counselor for a New Pathways to Teaching candidate should be submitted to Robert Sullivan, Coordinator, Department of School Relations in Chambers Hall room 124 for completion, including program estimates of cost & duration.

Onsite Child Care @ MCC The Middlesex County College Child Care Center is a full day educational program available to the local community as well as the College community. Hourly care is not available.The Child Care Center accepts children ages 2 years - 5 years of age. Reduced rates are available to qualified applicants. Applicants for reduced fees must be full-time students, employed full-time, or participating in a job training program. 

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