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The Department of Counseling and Career Services

Academic Counseling

Our academic services and resources are designed to help you become a successful student. They will introduce you to college resources, help you map out your academic plan, select a major when you're ready, assist in transfer to four-year schools, set goals for yourself and establish or enhance those college level study skills necessary to succeed. Each student will be assisted in developing an individualized learning strategy to enhance academic performance. Call the Counseling and Career Services Department at 732-906-2546 or stop by Edison Hall room 100 to schedule an individual appointment. Your college experience is not something you need to do alone. We offer services for the:

  • Students fearing the college experience

  • Improvement of your skills in memory, test taking, or note taking

  • Efficient utilization of your time

  •  Procrastinators who would like to change their ways

  • Student who have some doubts about their major or they’re not sure of what the next steps will be after life at Middlesex.