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The Department of Counseling and Career Services

Faculty & Staff Resources

The Faculty and Staff Resource page is designed to provide helpful information to faculty and staff about procedures for referrals and consultation, managing stressful situations in the classroom or on campus, and links to websites that will increase understanding of the role of emotion in learning.   We are available to consult with faculty and staff at any time during normal business hours (8:00am to 8:00 pm Mon. & Thurs., 8:00am to 5:00 pm Tues, Wed, Fri.) either via phone or in person.  In the case of an emergency, we will make immediate adjustments to our schedule to see a student in crisis or be available to consult with a faculty or staff member.  We also provide in-class workshops and training to faculty, staff and students that include but are not limited to teambuilding, self-awareness, leadership development, cultural awareness, college adjustment, communication, stress management, emotional regulation, and conflict resolution.

Counselors maintain a daily schedule of appointments and see students on an hourly basis.  A scheduled appointment with a counselor will ensure that a student’s needs are addressed fully.

Referring Students for Personal Counseling

√ Confidentiality

Faculty and Staff Consultation

Handling Disruptive Student Guide

Quick Reference Guide for Handling Disrupitive and Emotionally Complex Behavior

Faculty and Staff Workshops

Comprehensive Counseling Pamphlet Collection

Counseling Resources

√ Articles

Employee Assistance Program

  • Free and confidential counseling and referral services to MCC employees and their families.