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The Department of Counseling and Career Services



The Department of Counseling and Career Services provides the following services to students: personal counseling, career counseling, transfer counseling, disability services, international student services, cooperative education and internships, and career services (assistance with interviewing and resume writing, and access to our job listings.)

It is important for the student to know that these services are confidential, meaning that information that they share with staff members in the department will, in most cases, not be shared with others outside of the department.  Students are also made aware of the limits to confidentiality.  Exceptions to confidentiality include:


  1. situations where there is evidence that the student or someone else’s safety is in danger
  2. legal situations where court orders are presented
  3. In addition, the professional staff members in the Department of Counseling and Career Services, Educational Opportunity Fund Office, and the Minority Student Affairs work as a team.  Therefore, there will be times when consultation with other professionals in these departments will occur in an effort to provide you with the best possible service.


Outside of the exceptions, a student's written permission will be required before information is shared with others.