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The Department of Counseling and Career Services


Edison Hall Room 100, 732.906.2546

Counselors maintain a daily schedule of appointments and see students on an hourly basis.  A scheduled appointment with a counselor will ensure that a student’s needs are addressed fully. When a student meets with a counselor for the first time he or she can expect the following:

  • The confidential nature (Informed Consent Document) of the counseling services will be explained and the limits to confidentiality will be detailed to the student. Students will consent to services by signing the Informed Consent Document.

  • The Counselor will take a detailed history of the student which includes (family background, previous or existing medical issues, previous or existing mental health issues/medications, previous counseling,  alcohol/drug involvement, romantic relationships and social affiliations).

  • The counselor will assess the student’s needs and develop a plan in concert with the student to effectively address their needs. The plan could range from an immediate referral to an external source for emergency intervention (suicidal thoughts, alcohol/drug abuse), intermittent counseling sessions to provide periodic support (ancillary to external  mental health treatment, alcohol/drug treatment) to weekly counseling sessions to address more acute needs (loss of a loved one, end of a romantic relationship, stress, family problems).


Counselors are available to consult with faculty and administrators at any time during normal business hours (8:00am to 8:00 pm Mon. & Thurs., 8:00am to 5:00 pm Tues, Wed, Fri.) either via phone or in person.  In the case of an emergency

Counselors will make immediate adjustments to their schedule to see a student in crisis, consult with a faculty member or administrator. The following steps will facilitate this:

  1. Phone or escort student of concern to the Department (ED 100, 732.906.2546).  Your first contact will be with the Counseling and Career Services Receptionist.  Briefly explain to her that you have a student that you are very concerned about and you would like to speak with the Director.

  2. If the Director is unavailable let the receptionist know the nature of your concern without going into detail.


  • I am concerned for a student’s safety.

  • The student has been behaving in class very differently than usual.

  • The student has been acting out in class.

  • The student disclosed information to me that alarmed me.

  • The student disclosed information to me that I don’t know what to do with or how to handle.

  • The student confided in me and I know that I am not equipped to address his or her needs.


III. The receptionist will immediately identify a counselor that you can consult with.