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The Department of Counseling and Career Services

Getting Connected: Workshop Schedule

FALL 2014 Workshop Schedule
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 Workshop Descriptions (listed alphabetically)

Body Image: Know someone who has body image concerns? Have you yourself dealt with eating issues? Eating disorders affect people of all ages, but are espe-cially prominent among college students. Come learn more about the disorder and ways to seek help.

Career Explorations: This workshop will provide you with information about a process that can assist you in choosing the right career.

Cooperative Education/Intership Program:  Interested in internships? A cooperative education field experience? This workshop will introduce you to how MCC’s Cooperative Education & Internship Program works. Come learn what you need to do to participate & learn about resources available to help you

Coping with Grief and Loss: Loss of a close friend or family member may seem impossible to recover from, & the impact can affect all aspects of life. Learn strategies to manage your feelings.

How to Succeed in MATH: Don’t freeze up – ease up! Conquer your math anxiety!

How to Talk to Emploers: Present yourself professionally, learn how to ask for what you want, and impress the potential employer all at the same time. It’s not hard, but it does take some practice. Let’s work on it together!

How to Write an Effective Email: Do your email messages elicit the information you were seeking? Do you even get a response? We’ll talk about tips & techniques to communicate effectively and professionally via email.

I don’t have a RESUME – How Do I Get Started? We’ll review the basic components every resume needs & discuss how to best market yourself using this important professional document.

Ingredients for Success: What does it take to be successful? Come join this fun workshop to see.

Intro to LinkedIn: LinkedIn is not Facebook! Get tips for setting up an effective LinkedIn Profile that attracts the professional attention you want, and works on your behalf in career networking. Plus, you’ll leave with a digital photo you can upload to your Profile!

Note-taking: Do you know how to take good notes? Learn proven techniques that are tied to better grades.

Organizing Your Time: Time management tips and techniques to help you realize just where did the time go … and how to prioritize all that you need to do.

Preparing for College Tests: Learn to attack that test with proven strategies. Nothing beats good test preparation but there are ways to tackle that test.

Preparing for Final Exams: Don’t despair – prepare!

Relationships: How can you find more fulfillment in interpersonal relationships? What makes healthy, positive relationships? What’s the female role? Male role? Here is a fun opportunity to learn more…

Self Esteem - Respect Yourself!

Stress Management: Is stress getting the best of you? Come learn ways to cope with these feelings productively.

The Way to an ‘A’: (for Adult Students): Let’s talk about the strategies that will help make you successful in your classes.

Time Management (for Adult Students): With so much on your plate, let’s talk about techniques to prioritize and accomplish what you need to.

Transfer Info for BUSINESS Majors: a general transfer information session for students planning to transfer to four-year colleges as Business majors.

Transfer Information: Planning to transfer? Let’s talk about what you need to plan to do.