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The Department of Counseling and Career Services

Disabilty Services Mission

Disability Services Mission:

The mission of Disability Services is to assist students in accessing appropriate accommodations in order to fully integrate into a mainstream collegiate environment.  The Disability Services Staff is here to assist you as you transition to the College. The department receives and reviews documentation and assists students in developing accommodation forms for their faculty.  The College reserves the right to request additional information. The accommodation form is a written notice of the accommodations each student may receive to equally access their education at the College.  These requests must be completed each and every semester.

Disability Services Philosophy:

The Department of Counseling and Career Services, encompassing the staff of Disability Services and the Project Connections Program, has as its mission the goal to ensure, consistent with the directives of federal and state laws, that no qualified student with a disability will be excluded from or denied benefits of services, programs or activities at Middlesex County College.  Likewise, no student by virtue of their disability will be subject to discrimination by the College or its personnel.  To accomplish this mission the purpose of our work with students is to:


  • Coordinate high quality accommodation services to qualified students with disabilities who present appropriate documentation.
  • To consider a student’s request for accommodations on a case by case basis.
  • Identify and advocate for the removal of attitudinal and physical barriers to ensure campus wide accessibility.
  • To provide consultative services to the institution’s faculty, administrators and staff about disability issues.

Our offices believe that students are students first and foremost.  We also acknowledge that the teaching faculty is not expected to lower expectations or change standards in their coursework or academic programs.   The various services and academic accommodations are provided so that students have the opportunity to fully participate in the college’s academic community on a level playing field, but not with an unfair advantage.  The provision of accommodations does not ensure success but will ensure access.


Student’s responsibilities:

It is the student’s responsibility:

  • To request support services/ accommodations and submit appropriate documentation in a timely manner.
  • Students need to maintain contact with Disability Services and request accommodations for each semester.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to deliver their accommodation forms to their instructors.
  • Students are also advised to discuss their needs and learning style with their instructors in an office hour.

Faculty’s Role:

A faculty member is only required to provide accommodations that are listed on an official Accommodation Form developed by the Disability Services professional staff.  Faculty may verify the request by contacting the professional staff person indicated on the form.  Accommodations shall not compromise the content of the course or the essential requirements of the degree.

Institutional Responsibilities:

The College makes every effort to reasonably accommodate a student with a disability.  However, the student must meet all the academic requirements of his/her program.  Accommodation is not a guarantee of success.  Students have the right to file a grievance if they feel they have been discriminated against due to disability.