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The Department of Counseling and Career Services

New Student Procedure To Acccess Disability Accommodations

  1. Apply to Middlesex County College through the Admissions process.

  2. Submit a supplemental application for Disability Services, either to the Project Connections Program or general Disability Services.

  3. Submit appropriate documentation that is current (three years). If you were classified in high school request copies of your Psychological, Educational, Social and last IEP.  Otherwise, documentation should come from a qualified professional.

  4. Make an appointment to discuss the available services with a counselor in Disability Services. You may call our office at 732.907.2546.  The office is located in Edison Hall, room 100. Visit the campus to ensure it is compatible with your needs.

  5. Make an appointment to take the College’s Placement testing with accommodations, as needed. Testing Accommodations need to be approved prior to taking the placement test by Disability Services. An individual appointment needs to be made, walk-ins cannot be accommodated.

  6. Consult a Counselor if you need special registration support.

  7. Complete a Classroom Accommodation Form with a counselor in Disability Services for your classes, after registration.  Accommodation Forms need to be prepared prior to each semester.

  8. If you need texts in alternate format or interpreter services, these accommodations need to be made with sufficient lead time to make arrangements.

  9. Review the full Disability Policies and Procedures Guidelines.

Disability Services – Summary Information

The mission of Disability Services is to assist students in accessing appropriate accommodations in order to fully integrate into a mainstream collegiate environment.  The department receives and reviews documentation and assists students in developing accommodation forms for their faculty.  The accommodation form is a written notice of the accommodations each student may receive to equally access their education at the College.  These requests must be completed each and every semester with a counselor.

Student’s responsibilities:

  • It is the student’s responsibility to request support services/ accommodations and submit appropriate documentation in a timely manner. (INSERT LINK TO DS APPLICATION)

  • The college reserves the right to request additional documentation, if deemed necessary.

  • Documentation is kept in confidential files for five years after a student graduates or leaves the institution.

  • Students need to maintain contact with Disability Services and request accommodations for each semester.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to deliver their accommodation forms to their instructors.  Students are also advised to discuss their needs and learning style with their instructors during in an office hour.

Faculty’s Role:

A faculty member is not required to provide any accommodations unless notified through an official Accommodation Form developed by the DSS/Project Connections professional staff.  Faculty may verify the request by contacting the professional staff person indicated on the form.  Accommodations shall not compromise the content of the course or the essential requirements of the degree.



Institutional Responsibilities:


The College makes every effort to accommodate a student with a disability.  However, the student must meet all the academic requirements of his/her program.  Accommodation is not a guarantee of success.  Students have the right to file a grievance if they feel they have been discriminated against due to disability.