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Project Connections Application 2014-2015

Admission to Project Connections is competitive and separate from admission to the College. Students with disabilities not admitted to Project Connections may still receive reasonable accommodations supported by their documentation by contacting the Counselor for Students with Disabilities at (732) 906-2546.

Below is information about the Project Connections application process, along with related forms. Project Connections will only consider applications for students with documented specific learning disabilities.

Follow the steps below carefully:

1) Fill out the Support Service Application. Submit it to Director; Project Connections, Middlesex County College, 2600 Woodbridge Avenue, P.O Box 3050, Edison, NJ 08818-3050.

Students applying to Project Connections and not enrolled at the College must also complete an application to Middlesex County College, available online at www.middlesexcc.edu. Students cannot be admitted to Project Connections unless they have been admitted to the College.


2) Fill out the top portion of the School Evaluation Form, part of the "Request for Information" from the Child Study Team or Private Evaluator.


3) Give the Request for Information to your Child Study Team or Private Evaluator. The Child Study Team or Private Evaluator will be asked to submit documentation for your application including:

  1. the School Evaluation Form
  2. an Educational Evaluation, signed and on letterhead
  3. a Psychological Evaluation, signed and on letterhead
  4. Summary of Performance or IEP, which clearly indicates the presence of a learning disability and accommodations that are supported by the documentation.


4) After all paperwork is received, a letter will invite you to make an appointment for an interview, which is required of all applicants. Call (732) 906-2507 to arrange for this appointment. A summary of the main points of this session will be given to you at the close of the interview.

Wait for notification regarding admission to Project Connections. DO NOT TAKE THE COLLEGE PLACEMENT TEST UNTIL AFTER THE INTERVIEW. If you are applying for one of the Health Technology majors, please call Elaine Weir-Daidone immediately at (732) 906-2546.