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The Department of Counseling and Career Services

Returning Student Information

Students with disabilities who request academic accommodations from MCC follow the following procedure:

Current Students:

  1. Classroom accommodations forms are developed each semester for the student's classes.
  2. The Disability Services Counselor/Project Connections Case manager meets individually with the student to define necessary accommodations for classes and a "Classroom Accommodation Form" is developed.
  3. The student is given copies to give to their instructors.  Failure to hand the form into you instructor will mean that they have not been notified of your need for accommodations. 
  4. Students are encouraged to discuss their needs with faculty at the beginning of each semester. 


This accommodation procedure is repeated each semester, at the student's initiation.  If a student needs only a copy of what was prepared in a prior semester, they may call the Disability Services Assistant at 732.906.2546 and asked that the forms be prepared for pick-up.  However, students are encouraged to make an appointment to discuss their progress with the staff.