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Vision Statement

The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) Program assists students with educationally and economically disadvantaged backgrounds from Middlesex County in their pursuit of a college degree. EOF is an innovative academic support program that offers counseling, educational and career assessment, tutoring support, and on-going personal development. The success of EOF students is directly linked to the commitment of staff/faculty and students’ motivation. EOF plays a central role in increasing the diversity of students participating in postsecondary education and contributes to the preparation of New Jersey's citizens as they enter the county’s and state’s skilled workforce.

Middlesex EOF provides a path to quality education.

Take advantage of all that we have to offer.

Take pride in your aspirations to make life better for you and your family.


  • To provide access to higher education by identifying and recruiting students, with educational and financial disadvantages, for full-time enrollment at Middlesex County College.
  • To provide financial aid grants for students to defray their educational expenses, in an effort to remove the financial barriers to higher education.
  • To provide support services for students to develop their academic strengths, so they have access to various educational opportunities.
  • To provide individual and group counseling services to assist students in self-actualization and self-motivation.