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I thank the Middlesex County College’s EOF Department for inviting me to the 32nd Annual Conference and Student Leadership Conference.  One of the aspects of the conference that captured my attention was the theme: “EOF: A Reaffirmation of Hope” because it is certain that EOF is the light at the end of the path for students who have financial problems.  I learned that education is the key to success, that confidence stands for what I believe, and that winners never quit and quitters never win.  Among the different workshops that they offered, I attended “The Team Program-Financial Management” one.  It was very educational because the speaker encouraged us to learn how to manage our money, to start saving money at an early age, and to learn how to manage time.  Indeed, the conference was very affirmative and instructive.
--Mirian Duran

It was really nice to have the guidance and advice that I received from the EOF program during the time I spent at Middlesex County College.  I was very glad to receive the right information whenever I needed it. This has allowed me to keep preparing in order to further my education.
--Mabel Cortes

I had wonderful counselors and mentor experiences. Dr. Victor Vega, a counselor in the EOF office, always had the time to give encouraging words and support in any language in which he spoke.  There is a great humanitarian by the name of Dr. Fannie Gordon. I will never forget one particular day walking across the campus crying my eyes out because I failed two classes I had taken.  I was in tears.  After meeting with an academic counselor I was expected to quit because it did not look good at this point. However, I was blessed when Dr. Gordon, who was walking across the campus, stopped to ask me what was wrong.  I told her and she said “come to my office”. Later, we spoke for a little while and I remember the words even today.  She said “there are those who may believe you can’t but you have to believe you can.”  Well I put my foot forward, both of them, and never looked back.  I walked toward my goals with renew determination.
--Sharon Womack/Williams

My experience with my professional counselor was more than good.  My counselor, Victor Vega, helped me to achieve all my goals at Middlesex County College. My experience with the program was pleasant.  I found in EOF a family. Thanks to the help received at EOF, my college experience was full of good moments.  I always had good professors and friendly classmates.
--Leila Santillan Gallardo

The EOF program gave me some exciting experiences.  This program provided me with some financial aid that I used to pay for my tuition. I had a chance to meet new people and a wonderful counselor such as Dr. Victor Vega.  Dr. Vega was my EOF counselor for three years.  I had very wonderful counseling experiences with him.  He helped me with my academics and  advised me on how to succeed in college.  During the time that I was at Middlesex, he was always there for me.
--Kim Dao

EOF has definitely helped me ease the financial burden my family carries.  Both my sister and I benefit from the program services.  The money that EOF provides helps me to buy supplies and equipment I need for my classes.  Being a Media Arts and Design student, the cost of materials is my number one concern. The EOF grant allows me to buy the supplies I need for my photography and art classes.  Aside from the financial help, EOF has helped me do better in school.  As an EOF student, I know I can’t drop any of my classes, which drives me to attend every class and do my best in all of my projects.
--Carla Garcia