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One of the most important components of your educational development is the counseling component. The counseling experience compliments your total participation in higher education. Counseling is an essential vehicle for planning your strategies in several educational areas. These areas include academic preparation, academic progress, major and career development, co-curricular leadership, graduation and transfer. Ultimately the responsibility to optimize and succeed in each of these areas should be based on an educational partnership between you and your professional counselor.

Students can learn the value of educational partnerships by participating in study groups, tutorial sessions, club activities, student government and faculty meetings. The higher education culture is uniquely structured to help you function as a student from the point of admission until you graduate. Whatever category you may fall into counseling is here to strengthen your academic, personal, career development.

The instituting of new services and strenghtening of services offered will help you to comprehensively understand the educational mission. A strong student and counseling partnership should help you to develop a complete picture for success in higher education. In addition to the EOF counseling component services, we will continue to incorporate all the resources at the college in order to help you achieve graduation. Remember that every counseling opportunity helps to optimize the educational process.

With this message in mind pick up the telephone and call the office at (732) 906-2544 to arrange your appointment. Remember that bi-weekly counseling session is mandatory. Also, you can stop in during your class break to make a counseling appointment. We are open Monday to Friday between the hours of 9:00am to 5:00pm.

May you continue to have a successful academic year.



Professor Victor Vega, Ph.D.

Professor Trudi Harris-Johnson, Ed.D.