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Afrocentric Perspective in Multicultural Counseling, Cultural Diversity and Human Development. Critical Works in Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Clinical Practices, Practice of Psychotherapy, Belief Systems Analysis,  Intervention and Assessment that Addresses Cultural Differences and African Americans


White, Joseph (1970/1972)

Toward a Black Psychology

in Jones R. Black Psvcholowv

White, Joseph (1970)

Guidelines for Black Psychologists

The Black Scholar,1,5,52-57

Akbar, Naim (1984)

Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery

New Mind Productions.

Anderson, Talmadge (1990)

Black Studies: Overview and Theoretical Perspectives

Black Studies: Theory, Method, and Cultural Perspectives.

Asante, Molefi Kete (1987/990)

The Afrocentric Idea

Temple University Press.

Asante, Molefi Kete (1988/1989)


Africa World Press.

Asante, Molefi Kete (1990)

Kemet, Afrocentricity and Knowledge

Africa World Press, Inc.

Ben-Jochannan, Yosef A.A (1972)

Cultural Genocide in the Black and African Studies Curriculum

Alkebu-lan Books Associates.

Kershaw, Terry (1992)

Afrocentrism and the Afrocentric Method

The Western Journal of Black Studies, 160-168.

Nobles, Wade (1986)

Toward Becoming an Authentic African (Black) Psychology

African Psychology: Towards Its Reclamation, Reascension, and Revitalization. Oakland: A Black Family Institute Publication.

Nobles, Wade (1988)

African-American Family Life: An Instrument of Culture

Harriette Pipes McAdoo (ed.). Black Families. California

Schomburg, Arthur (1925)

The Negro Digs Up His Past

Survey Graphic 6. 670-72.

Sue, Derald Wing

The Challenge of Multiculturalism: The Road Less Traveled

American Counselor, 6-14

Taylor, Ronald (1987)

"The Study of Black People: A Survey of Empirical and Theoretical Models" in

Urban Research Review,, vol. 11, no.2.



Karenga, Maulana (1993)

Black Psychology

Introduction to Black Studies

Azibo, Daudi (1996)

African Psychology

Guthrie, Robert (1980)

The Psychology of Black Americans: An Historical Perspective in Jones, R. Black Psychology

Guthrie, Robert (1976/1998)

Even the Rat was White

Black, Shelia et al (2004)

Contributions of African Americans to the Field of Psychology

Journal of Black Studies. 35, 1,40



Williams, Robert (1971/1972)

Abuses and Misuses in Testing Black Children

Bay Area Association of Black Psychologists (1972) Position Statement on Use of IQ and Ability Tests

Barnes, Edward (1969/1972)

Cultural Retardation or shortcomings of Assessment Techniques

*Articles in Jones, R. (ed) Black Psychology

Bond, Lloyd (1982)

The IQ Controversy and Academic Performance

In Turner & Jones, Behavior Modifications in Black Populations

Wychce & Novick (1992)

Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing:

The Issue of Testing Bias

in Burlew et al African American Psychology

Suzuki & Kugler (1995)

Intelligence and Personality Assessment

in Ponterotto et al Handbook of Multicultural Counseling

Armour-Thomas (2003)

Assessment of Psychometric Intelligence for Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Bernal et al (ed) Handbook of Racial & Ethnic Minority Psychology

Davis, J (1957)

The Scatter Pattern of a Southern Negro Group on the Wechier-Bellevue

Journal of Clinical Psychology, 13, 1, 298



Dana, Richard (2000)

Psychological Assessment in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Ethnic Group Members in Aponte & Wohl (ed) Psychological Intervention and Cultural Diversity

Geller, Jesse (1988)

Racial Bias in the Evaluation of Patients for Psychotherapy

in Comas-Diaz (ed) Clinical Guidelines in Cross-Cultural Mental Health

Harrell, Jules (1994)

Diagnostic Systems and Responses to Racism

Manichean Psychology

Pinderhughes, Elaine (1989)


Understandin Race Ethnici and Power

Carter, Robert (1995)

The Influence of Race and Racial Identity in Psychotherapy



Fanon, Frantz (1952/1967)

The Negro and Psychopathology

Black Skin White Masks

Martin, Marty (1999)

Improving the Health of African Americans

in Jones Advances in African American Psychology

Whaley, Arthur (2004)

A Two-Stage Method of Cultural Bias in Diagnosis of Schizophrenia

in African Americans

Journal of Black Psychology 30, 2, 167

Atwell & Azibo (1992)

Diagnosing Personality Disorder in Africans (Blacks)

in Burlew African American Psychology

Bulhan, H.A. (1985)

Psychopathology and Oppression

Frantz Fanon and the Psycholowv of Oppression

Fanon, Frantz (1952/1967)

The North African Syndrome

Toward the African Revolution

Whaley, Arthur (2001)

Cultural Mistrust: An important psychological construct for diagnosis and treatment of African


Professional Psychology Research and Practice 32,555

Grier & Cobbs (1968)

Black Rage

Adebimpe, Victor (1982) Psychiatric Symptoms in Black Patients

in Turner & Jones Black Modification in Black Populations

Lawson, William (2003)

Mental Health Issues for African Americans in Bernal et al Handbook of REMP

Saez-Santiago (2003)

Depression in Ethnic Minorities: African Americans in Bernal et al Handbook of REMP

Smart & Smart (1997)

DSM-IV and Culturally Sensitive Diagnosis

Journal of Counseling & Development 75, 392-398

Cartwright, S.A. (1851)

Report on the diseases and physical peculiarities of the Negro Race

New Orleans Medical and Surgical Journal 7,691



Jackson, Gerald (1977/1980)

The Emergence of a Black Perspective in Counseling

in Jones (ed) Black Psychology

Banks, William (1972)

The Black Client and the Helping Professionals

in Jones (ed) Black Psychology

Fanon, Frantz (1967)

Letter to the Resident Minister (1956)

Toward the African Revolution p52

Wohl, Julian (2002) Psychotherapy and Cultural Diversity

in Aponte Psychological Intervention and Cultural Diversity

Vera, Mildred (2003)

Cognitive-Behavior Therapy: with Racial/Ethnic Minorities

in Bernal et al (ed) Handbook of REMP


Clinical Practices with African Americans

Professional Psychology Research and Practice, 32, 6, 563

LaRoche, & Maxie (2003)

Ten Considerations in Addressing Cultural Differences in Psychotherapy

Professional Psychology Research and Practice, 34, 2, 180

Jackson, Anna (1980/1992)

A Theoretical Model for the Practice of Psychotherapy with Black Populations in Burlew et al (eds) African American Psychology

Harrell, Jules (1999) Treatment

in Manichean Psychology

Heine, R (1950)

The Negro Patient in Psychotherapy

Journal of Clinical Psychology, 10, 6, 373

Dana, Richard (1998)

African Americans

Understanding Cultural Identity in Intervention and Assessment

Griffith, Marlin (1977)

The Influences of Race on the Psychotherapeutic Relationship

Psychiatry. 40, 27

Myers, Linda (1993/1999) Therapeutic Process: Belief Systems Analysis in Jones Advances in the African American Psychology



Jackson, Morris (1995) Multicultural Counseling Historical Perspective

in Ponterotto (ed) Handbook of Multicultural Counseling

Lindsey, Michael (2000)

Mental Health Assessment and Treatment of African Americans:

A Multicultural Perspective

in Cuellar & Paniagua (ed) Handbook of Multicultural Mental Health

Mia, Jeffery (2003) On Teaching Multiculturalism

in Bernal et al (ed) Handbook of REMP



James, W. & Johnson, 5. (1996)

Doin Drugs Patterns of African American Addiction

Thururman, Pamela et al (2002)

Intervention and Treatment with Ethnic Minority Substance Abusers in Aponte & Wohl (ed) Psychological Intervention and Cultural Diversity

Beauvais, Fred (2003)

Drug Abuse: Etiology and Cultural Considerations in Bernal et al (eds) Handbook of REMP

Freeman, Edith (1998)

Dareusa Rehah Services: A Culture-Specific Program for African American Adults in Substance Abuse Intervention. Prevention. Rehabilitation, and Systems Change Strategies



Pierce, William (1972)

The Comprehensive Community Mental Health Programs and the Black Community

Thomas, Charles (1972) Psychologists, Psychology and the Black Community in Jones (ed) Black Psychology

Case & Robinson (2003)

Interventions with Ethnic Minority Populations: Legacy/Promise of Community Psychology in Bernal et al (ed) Handbook of REMP

Thurman, Pamela et al (2003)

Honoring the Differences — Culturally Valid Community Interventions in Bernal et al (eds) Handbook of REMP

Woods, Imani (1998)

Bringing Harm Reduction to the Black Community in Marlatt (ed) Harm Reduction



Williams, Robert (1980)

The Death of White Research in the Black Community in Jones (ed) Black Psychology

Word, Carl (1992)

Cross-Cultural Methods for Survey Research in Black Urban Areas in Burlew et al (eds) African American Psychology

Caldwell, Cleopatra et al (1999) Culturally-Competent Research Methods in Jones (ed) Advances in African American Psychology

Burlew, A. Kathleen (2003) Research with Ethnic Minorities in Bernal et al (eds) Handbook of REMP