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EOF Guidelines


EOF Educational Objectives

Satisfactory academic progress and maintaining your financial aid is strictly based on your personal responsibility and academic accountability. The following recommendations can help you to establish a sound personal management program toward success in college.

Your Responsibilities as an EOF student...

  1. Meet with your EOF Counselor on a bi-weekly basis.
  2. See your EOF Counselor before registering for classes.
  3. Commit to attending and participating in classes.
  4. Commit to this and other academic and counseling agreements.
  5. Seek out mentor instruction, tutoring and counseling.
  6. Attend EOF Workshops.
  7. See an EOF Counselor before withdrawing from coureses.
  8. Commit to maintaining a minimum GPA of 2.30.
  9. Notify EOF Office of personal information changes (i.e. address, name, phone).
  10. Assess priorities while attending MCC and explore future career choices and/or opportuntities.
  11. Understand that a lack of commitment to your educational requirements may jeopardize continuing in yur major and financial aid assistance.

*EOF students are not able to register unless they have a signature by their eof counselor and the registration hold has been released.