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Your Path to Quality Education
  • Financial assistance while you attend class
  • Tutoring when needed
  • Counseling support on a regular basis
  • A six-week summer program

The Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) was established by the New Jersey legislators in 1968 to increase the enrollment of minority and disadvantaged students at New Jersey colleges and universities.

Unlike most early access programs for disadvantaged students which assumed that financial aid would solve the problem, the EOF Program also provides funding for support services to address educational deficiencies. During its 31 year history, professionals on the campuses have implemented a comprehensive model which includes:

  • Financial Aid Grants
  • Academic Counseling
  • Career Counseling
  • Personal Counseling
  • Orientation Programs
  • Study Skills Workshops

Special Summer Programs are offered in the areas of:

  • pre-law
  • mathematics
  • premedical/dental
  • computer science
  • business
  • biomedical studies

Most importantly, EOF students are being retained and graduated from college at rates comparable to regularly admitted students.

Factors that determine eligibility include:

  • Performance on the College Placement Test indicating potential and readiness to successfully complete ENG 010-Writing Skills, RDG 011-Reading Skills, MAT 010-Basic Mathematics or ESL-English as a Second Language or credit courses.
  • Full-time enrollment (at least 12 credits per semester), or Part-time enrollment (6 credits per semester).
  • Academic performance (g.p.a) in high school.
  • One-year residency in New Jersey.
  • Willingness to attend and participate in required activities.

The EOF program exists to assist students in their pursuit of academic success. We are an innovative academic support program offering developmental counseling, educational and career assessment and tutoring. The success of our students is directly linked to the coordinated delivery of available services and the willingness of students to participate.


  1. To provide access to higher education by identifying, recruiting and processing educationally and financially disadvantaged students for full-time enrollment at Middlesex County College.
  2. To provide financial aid grants for disadvantaged students to defray their educational expenses, thereby removing the financial barrier that restricts educational pursuits.
  3. To provide academic support services for disadvantaged students to remove their academic deficiencies, thus allowing them the same educational options as other students.
  4. To provide individual and group counseling services to assist disadvantaged students in self-actualization and self-motivation.


  1. Students, upon completion of the selection and qualification process, are offered an opportunity to enroll in the EOF Program at Middlesex County College.
  2. Students, upon completion of the EOF Summer Program and/or developmental courses, will have a more solid academic foundation with which to pursue a college education.
  3. Students, through participation in tutoring, individual and group counseling, will be better equipped to survive the academic and emotional demands of higher education.
  4. Students, upon completion of a college education, will be better able to enter and compete in the career/employment market.

How to Apply

The EOF Program at Middlesex County College offers many services that address student needs. EOF provides assistance with educational costs, personal and academic counseling and tutoring. Various workshops, seminars and lectures are offered to eligible students. In addition to these services, the summer program offers courses in basic skills, reading and mathematics. If you are interested in EOF, you must complete both sides of this application and return it to this office. In order to complete the process, you must:

  • Complete the MCC admissions application. (Full-time or Part-time enrollment)
  • Complete the EOF application and submit it with proof of family income (including parents' information).
  • Submit high school transcript, G.E.D. and/or transcript from previous college attended to the Middlesex County College Admissions Office.
  • Complete and mail the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. (FAFSA)

Your Responsibility as an EOF student...

  1. All students must maintain good academic standing in accordance with MCC regulations, and therefore maintain a GPA of a 2.0 or higher for any given semester.
  2. Once students are accepted into the EOF program, students meet with their respective counselors before registering for the Fall or Spring semesters. (Note: All EOF students will have a E hold on their record, thus preventing them from registering for classes until the hold is removed by the EOF department upon approval from counselors.)
  3. Summer school funding is extended to EOF students as a privilege exclusively for EOF students. Funding is based on graduation in May and August and noncredit courses. Students must renew their EOF application for the following year before receiving the summer application. Students cannot register for summer classes on their own if they expect funding from EOF. Students will be registered for summer classes via the EOF program.
  4. Students must renew their EOF application with the EOF department once a year (usually during the Spring semester).
  5. Students must submit copies of income tax returns for both parent and student unless deemed independent by Middlesex County College. Students must also show proof of renewing the FAFSA form for the following year.
  6. All students must visit the counselor on a biweekly basis. All students must make it a priority to call and make appointments with their counselors, unless otherwise specified.
  7. Students are to take a proactive role in their education and seek out additional help, such as tutoring and academic advising. The EOF program provides such services, but it is the responsibility of the student to seek such services.
  8. It is the responsibility of the student to inform the EOF department regarding any changes in status from full-time to part-time. Such changes must be reported to avoid financial aid complications.
  9. It is the responsibility of the student to renew all Financial Aid forms by deadlines specified by the Financial Aid Office.
  10. Students have the responsibility of reading all bulletins and letters distributed by the EOF department.
  11. Students are responsible for meeting all deadlines set by the EOF department. These deadlines will be posted on the EOF bulletin board located outside of the EOF department, and will be stated on all mailings sent out to students.

Commonly Asked Questions

Q. Why do I have an E hold on my transcript from the EOF department?

A. Every semester an E is put on your transcript to prevent you from registering for any classes without the approval of an EOF counselor. This hold may only be removed by an EOF counselor. This ensures good academic progress by making sure you have the prerequisites and you are properly registered for classes.

Q. What happens if I forget to reapply to the EOF Program?

A. It is the responsibility of the student to reapply to both the EOF and Financial Aid departments every year. If students miss deadlines for Financial Aid, this will disqualify them for any financial aid for the upcoming year. Deadlines will be posted on the bulletin board located outside the EOF department.

Q. What happens if I fall below a 2.0 G.P.A?

A. In pursuit of academic excellence, the EOF office upholds the same regulations set by Middlesex County College. (See College Catalog for additional information.)

Q. What happens if I register for the summer session before applying for EOF summer session funding?

A. Since summer EOF funding is limited, students may not register on their own for summer classes. Students must first renew their application for the upcoming year with the EOF assistant, and once completed, will be given the summer application for EOF. At this time students will be notified in writing regarding their eligibility for summer funding.Students will then be registered via the EOF program. Any students registering on their own without following these steps, WILL NOT RECEIVE FUNDING FOR THE SUMMER! Students will then be responsible for payment of any classes for which they register.

Q. What happens if I exceed my maximum payments of EOF and Financial Aid?

A. Most students who are at Middlesex County College for more than two years will find that they might encounter problems with funding for school expenses. Any EOF students who encounter this problem should contact the EOF office as soon as possible.

For additional information please contact :

Louis Marius, Jr
Educational Opportunity Fund Program
Johnson Learning Center, Room 270
Middlesex County College
2600 Woodbridge Avenue
Edison, New Jersey 08818
(732) 906 2544