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Student Leadership and Service

Active participation in a college club has been noted as a very enriching experience by many students. It is a place to make friends, establish working relationships and provide support in many rewarding ways.

Intimacy and identity are two words that explain the nature of a club and two very special reasons that bring people together. More importantly, coming together as a reference group allows individuals to dramatically share personal histories, learn new concepts and put critical ideas into practice.

The purpose of the EOF Club is to create activities regarding educational, cultural, social and political issues. As a chartered club you will receive student activities funding, use of the college center facilities, and participate in scheduled College Center Club Board meetings.

The organization will work as a resource for members to strengthen their leadership skills, college commitments and academic competence. Also, members will learn the procedures of student government and how they relate to personal and career development.

As a multi-cultural group the membership will have the opportunity to voice personal views, further cultural awareness, and develop projects that reflect the sentiments of the group. Like many organizational vehicles you will learn management strategies, negotiation processes, communication techniques, goal-setting skills, problem-solving skills and role development.

We need your participation in the club to make it successful. Please take a moment to read the club's constitution and contact Dr. Victor Vega, Advisor, at South I, room 107, 732.906.2544 for meeting dates.

Victor Vega, Ph.D.