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Article l.
EOF Club — To assist in the academic empowering and motivation of EOF type students.

Section 1.
EOF Club

Section 2. 
1.To create activities regarding educational, cultural, social and political  issues that concerns the EOF population.

2.Work as a resource for members to strengthen their leadership skills, college commitments and academic competence.

3.Members learn the procedures of student govemment and how they relate to personal and career development.

4.To voice personal views, further cultural awareness, and develop projects that reflect the sentiment of the group.

5. Learn management strategies, process of negotiation, communication technique, goal-setting skills, problem-solving skills and role development.

Article 2. 
Membership -  Open to EOF students and other interested MCC students.

Section 1. 
Male and Female students of EOF and other interested students.

Section 2. 
G.P.A. will not be a factor. There are no special requirements.

Section 3. 
Impeachment procedures: A motion may be made whenever in the opinion of any member, a member of the
executive board is not fulfilling his or her obligations in the best interest of the club.

A.  A motion for impeachment may be made by a member of the club in good standing.
B.  The motion for impeachment must be supported by 30% of the members in attendance.
C.  The actual vote for impeachment will be held at the next regularly scheduled meeting. A 75% vote of all those in attendance at the meeting will be required to complete impeachment.

Article 3.  

Section 1. 
President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer.

Section 2. 
Member and possibly a second semester student or second year.

Section 3. 
Parliamentary system. Nomination and election, second meeting. Officers hold positions for two semesters. May be re-elected if nominated

Section 4. 
Parliamentary system

Article 4. 
Duties of Officers

Section 1. 
President - Chair meetings and Over-sees all functions of the meeting.

Vice President - Will be responsible for a chronological history of events from the past year, due at the end of the year.

Secretary - All correspondence.

Treasurer - Must submit a financial report to the chairman of the financial committee of the Student Senate on or before January 15th.

Article 5.

Section 1. 
Meetings will be bi-weekly at 11:15.

Section 2. 
The secretary will compose and send letters or cards.

Section 3. 
A quorum will be 30% of active members.

Article 6.
Amendments must be:
1.Stated verbally and an open discussion will follow.
2.A motion will be made and properly second.
3.All active members will vote.

Article 7.
Parliamentary Procedures and Procedures which complete and explicitly cover all possible question of procedures.

Article 8. 
Procedures of Business.

Section 1. 
Following Parliamentary procedures on conducting a meeting.