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Instructional Design and Media Services


Johnson Learning Center
Room: JLC 136
Phone:732 906 2618
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Instructional Design and Media Services provide support to faculty and staff on a wide range of Instructional Technologies and Media Services. In addition the department provides access to a wide range of online videos, below is a tiny samplier from our Films on Demand library. For access to all video collections see the Video on Demand page.

The Instructional Design Studio (JLC136) is a resource for faculty who would like to explore and incorporate Instructional Technologies into the teaching and learning process. As the Director of Instructional Design & Media Services my role includes:

  • Encouraging faculty interest in the potential of technology for meeting instructional needs and enhancing student learning.
  • Identifying, in collaboration with faculty, areas of application of multimedia and information technology for instructional purposes.
  • Assisting faculty in the design and creation of Internet web-based and technology based instructional strategies and materials for classroom based and distance education settings.
  • Assisting faculty to integrate and assess the impact of instructional technologies upon student learning, both in classroom and in distance education settings.
  • Working cooperatively with faculty to identify goals, define instructional strategies, select and/or develop appropriate media.
  • Working with faculty to explore and experiment with new and non-traditional distance learning instructional delivery systems (e.g. interactive television, video-based courses and Internet web-based courses).

Working with local and regional organizations we provide further information on collaborative projects, resources and Professional Development opportunities to learn more about teaching and learning with technology. As such I represent the College as an active member of the following organizations:

NJEdge.Net initiatives include:

Please feel free to contact me or visit the Instructional Design Studio to discuss your needs. Click the following link if you would like to read my LinkedIn Biography.

I look forward to working with you.

Brian Richards
Director, Instructional Design & Media Services