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New to Google Earth and Google Maps? Start here, video tutorials http://www.google.com/earth/outreach/tutorials/index.html

Google Earth http://earth.google.com/          And See live Weather in Google Earth

The convergence of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), 360-degree panoramic VR photography and data can be used to produce immersive geolocated virtual environments.

Microsoft Research: Street Slide http://research.microsoft.com/en-us/um/people/kopf/street_slide/index.html

360 Cities http://www.360cities.net/ (these can also be accessed from within Google Earth)

360 Virtual Tours

Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin, Spring Green, Wisconsin

Virtual Reality Tour of the Basilica of Saint John Lateran in the Vatican

Virtual Walking Tour of the Alhambra Palace, Granada


The Gigapan Curriculum Collection enables professors, teachers and instructors to teach their students how to take panoramic HD images, and share them around the world. Gigapan offers educators a malleable vehicle to initiate a worldwide conversation between people of all ages, genders, cultures, and languages so that they become knowledgeable about their own environment and understand and care about the issues facing the world today.

3D - Digital Content

 JISC Digital Media offer an online infokit on Digital 3D Content.The infokit covers a number of 3D topics, from the perspective of those within academia, such as:

3D modelling

3D digitisation

3D printing

Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality

Digital 3D as research data

Considerations for displaying 3D content online

Falling costs and simplified workflows means using 3D content is now a realistic option, even for the non-specialist. 


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