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Plug-ins are software programs that extend the capabilities of your internet browser and allow you to access and view many of the materials in your online course. Each of these programs can be downloaded directly to your personal computer for FREE. Click on the icon to download.




Adobe Reader The most reliable, efficient, and effective way to share information electronically. Adobe Acrobat files end with the .pdf extention and are usually used for larger files. You may need this program to open up course information.
QuickTime is ideal for web animation, music, MIDI, audio, video, and VR panoramas and objects directly on specific web pages. QuickTime files end with the .qt extention. QuickTime works on both Apple and PC computers.
Real Player logo Real Media Player Plays streaming audio, video, animations,a nd multimedia presentation on the web. This software works on both Apple and PC computers.
PowerPoint Viewer If you do not have PowerPoint for installed on your computer this will allow you to open and view PowerPoint presentations in your online class. Follow the directions on this link for downloading.
Microsoft Word Viewer This program allows anyone who does not own Word to view and print documents that were created in Word. Word Viewer can open documents created with all previous versions of Word (Windows & Macs).
ShockWave allows you to view rich-media web content for multi-media web applications (ex: video, animation).
Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats.
Flash Player This plug-in allows you to view high-impact, animated web content (ex: Flash movie, animation).