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Accessible Learning Resources & Universal Design

The MCC Department of Counseling and Career Services provide a wide range Services for Individuals with Disabilities, including guidance for Facullty and Staff and details about Understanding Disabilities and Teaching Strategies.

At MCC, CELT and IDMS are collaborating with the University of Connecticut Center for Post Secondary Education and Disability on the project for Universal Design for Instruction in Postsecondary Education, making resources available to faculty, including the UCOnn UDI eToolBox and their eTools Library.

PDF Form Accessibility and Repair Workflow - From Washington University.

WebAim (Web Accessibility in Mind) provide extensive resources on making web pages and online resources accessible. A good starting point is their Introduction to Web Accessibility including Principles of Accessible Design and 10 Easy Accessibility Tips Anyone Can Use

Accessibility Resources and Evaluation Tools - A summary list from Rutgers Office of Disability Services.

The National Center on Accessible Instructional Materials serves as a resource to educators, parents, publishers, conversion houses, accessible media producers, and others interested in learning more about and implementing Accessible Instructional Materials and the National Instructional Materials Accessibility Standard.

Universal Design Education Universal Design is an approach to the design of all products and environments to be as usable as possible by as many people as possible regardless of age, ability, or situation.

For further assistance in making your online learning resources accessible to all students, please contact Brian Richards, Director, Instructional Design & Media Services (732 906 2618) or Christine Harrington, Director, Center for Enrichment of Learning and Teaching (732 548 6000 ext 3137)