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The MAPS Club


If you would like to learn more and more about careers and the world of work; you should join the Minority Access to the Professions Scholars (MAPS) Club.


The MAPS Club will help your personal academic and career development, while working with a diversified student population.


You will learn to create activities to enhance the MAPS Mentor program, to foster the development of intellectual growth, vocational identity, academic skills and multicultural awareness.

You will learn the procedures of student government & how they relate to personal and career development.

You will learn management strategies, negotiation processes, communication techniques, goal setting skills, problem-solving skills and role development.

You will learn to work as a resource for members to strengthen their leadership skills, college commitments and academic competence.

You will learn to establish control over your personal goals, increase your motivation to succeed in your chosen curriculum and enhance your overall interpersonal skills.


Open to MAP Scholars and other interested MCC students.

*Minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5.