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Student Testimonials

Wendy Rivera"For me, starting school was difficult because it wasn't what  I expected.  I eventually thought  I wouldn't make it through my first semester here.  One day,  Minority Student Affairs contacted me in regards to joining their Project Success program.Now that I'm in the program, not only have my  grades improved, but I'm also working in the office as a Workstudy.  I assist the staff as well as the students who visit the office."

- Wendy Rivera
Accounting Major




Eric Charles"Many successful people have spoken about the importance of networking.  I first found out about this program when a friend of mine brought me to the Office of Minority Student Affairs and introduced me to Ms. Lori Johnson.  Upon meeting so many friendly people including several resourceful advisors and counselors, I was able to adjust to my new educational  environment.  This office  understands the needs of  minority students (American and International) and especially encourages minority men to succeed  through their programs and  seminars.  I firmly believe that through this office I am  now better equipped to handle each challenge that Middlesex County College has to offer.

Eric Charles
-Science Transfer Chemistry Major




Mansur President"Being an International student, my first semester at Middlesex County College had definitely been lonely and tedious. I had no friends on campus, my life consisted solely of doing homework, and I found it difficult to socialize with people who already had their circle of friends from high school. Joining the MAPS Program, I was able to meet and become close to people of all origins and backgrounds who shared similar views and perspectives towards life in  general. I now have peers and advisors, who were genuinely willing to monitor my progress in school, and also teach me how to make objective decisions for my own personal growth. I am now happy to say that the people at The Office of Minority Student Affairs have definitely become my extended family in the United States."

-Mansur President
Engineering Science Major




Nessa Joseph"College is supposed to be a wonderful, enlightening experience, but sometimes it can be frightening and lonely as well. Thankfully, I joined the MAPS Program and gained not only a great place to work and study but a campus family as well. The staff members are friendly and competent and are aware of the importance of their duties. My own college experience has without a doubt been more enlightening and successful because of my association with the Office of Minority Student Affairs and the MAPS Program."

-Neesa Joseph
Computer Science Major




"I was skeptical when MAPS first contacted me, little did I know that they were literally going to help me harness my raw potentials to become a winner! I received an invitation  from MAPS with my GPA at 2.50 and they made sure it  stayed there because they wouldn't tolerate anything lesser. MAPS were my early warning system and made me aware when my GPA dips. They provided peer tutoring, counseling, computer lab, quiet reading room etc. They kept me on my guard, as a consequence of which I graduated with honors, with a GPA of above 3.40. I'm currently a Junior at Rutgers College, Rutgers University. My pace has still not slackened due to mark that MAPS have left on me. l will forever be indebted to MAPS!"

Abdul Ibrahim
-Liberal Arts - English