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Course Schedule Changes

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Before the term begins:

  • You may add classes to your schedule before the term begins on the web through CampusCruiser/WebAdvisor. For instructions on how to use CampusCruiser/WebAdvisor, please see Registration Instructions.
  • If you are taking developmental classes, are on academic probation or restriction or are returning from an academic suspension, you must meet with an academic advisor prior to registering.

 During the first week of a Fall or Spring semester, or the first day of a Summer or Wintersession class:

  • If a class section is open but has already met you are required to obtain the instructor’s signature on an Add/Drop Change Form (or provide a printed copy of an emailed permission from the instructor) giving you permission to join the class.  It is your responsibility to take the necessary steps to make up any course work you have missed.

If the class is closed, you will need the signature of the instructor of the class and the chairperson of the department for that class on an Add/Drop Change Form. Only the chair can overload a closed class section.

Students registering/adding courses should note the following important information:

  • Students are permitted to add a course via CampusCruiser/WebAdvisor prior to the beginning of the term.  Once the term has begun, students wishing to add an open course section to their schedule, must submit an Add/Drop Change Form in person to the Registrar’s Office located in Chambers Hall.  If the course section has already met once, you will need to obtain the instructor’s permission to join the course late.
  • Students adding a course are subject to the MCC Tuition Payment Schedule in effect for the term in which the course is scheduled.  Please note semester payment due dates.  Please use “Make a Payment” under the WebAdvisor tab in CampusCruiser to pay your bill on or before the semester payment due date to avoid cancellation of your schedule.
  • Students withdrawing from courses are subject to the MCC Semester Refund Schedule in effect for the course(s) for which they are withdrawing. If you are planning to withdraw from a course and add a course that has already begun, it’s recommended that this transaction be completed in-person at the Registrar’s Office.


  • You may drop classes from your schedule on the web through CampusCruiser/WebAdvisor or submit an Add/Drop Change Form directly to the Office of the Registrar, located in Chambers Hall.  For instructions on how to use CampusCruiser/WebAdvisor, please see Registration InstructionsFailure to attend the class or verbal notification to the instructor does not constitute official withdrawal.

Students withdrawing/dropping from courses should note the following important information:

  • Students withdrawing from courses are subject to the MCC Semester Refund/Withdrawal Schedule in effect for the course(s) for which they are withdrawing. In computing refunds for withdrawals, the date of withdrawal is the date that your withdrawal is submitted through Campus Cruiser/WebAdvisor.
  • Students receiving financial aid should consult with the MCC Financial Aid Office prior to withdrawing as withdrawing from courses or the College may impact their semester financial aid award and future eligibility.
  • Students requiring special approvals by a counselor/advisor to withdraw, including International Students on an F-1 visa/status and NJ Stars students, are unable to withdraw online and will need to first obtain the required signatures/approvals on the Add/Drop Change Form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar. 
  • Withdrawal from developmental education course(s) may limit the courses for which a student may register next semester.  Students will need to re-register for the withdrawn developmental education course(s) in the next semester enrolled.
  • Students receiving tuition benefits through, but not limited to, EOF, unemployment, employers, private scholarships/grants and the Veteran’s Administration should be aware that withdrawing from a course(s) may impact their semester benefit and future eligibility.
  • Withdrawal from courses may also impact eligibility to participate in College athletics.
  • It is recommended that full-time students who need to withdraw from all courses go to the Department of Counseling and Career Services in Edison Hall, Room 100, to discuss the potential impact of complete withdrawal.
  • Students should retain the copy of the online withdrawal confirmation with their permanent records.

For additional information about the Semester Refund/Withdrawal Schedule, please see the Semester Enrollment Information section of the Office of the Registrar’s website.